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This WEEK in LAW
Episode 112

This Week In Law 112: Fifteenth Century Planking



Notable Quotes

"[LinkedIn] purports to be and indeed is professional. So, for that reason, folks who aren't necessarily early adopters ... they feel safe joining in there. You know, it's like, any place where a professional can go and it's okay to wear a tie, they'll think, oh, well this is okay. At least I'm not going to stumble and fall and do something that I shouldn't be doing. I'm not going to embarrass myself. I'm not going to, you know, be falling into some pitfall. You know, the word "pitfall" is something professionals love talking about – lawyers especially – all the "pitfalls of social networking." You know? There's very few pitfalls at LinkedIn. So, you know, because of the sweet spot that it's in, it has this ability to draw in somewhat of a mainstream adopter kind of crowd. And that arises just as much from the fact that, you know, it's boring there. You don't go to hang out on LinkedIn." – Evan Brown at 11:50


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