This WEEK in LAW 169

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This WEEK in LAW
Episode 169

This Week In Law 169: Doing Bong Hits with the S.W.A.T. Team

Apple's good week in court and bad week on the web, Google and Facebook opt out snafus, and more.


  • Denise Howell
  • Evan Brown
  • Jeff John Roberts (@jeffjohnroberts)
    • GigaOM
    • "Jeff reports on how copyright, patents, anti-trust and other legal issues shape the digital economy. He also reports on the business and strategies of news companies. Jeff previously worked for Reuters in New York and Paris, and practiced intellectual property and media law. He writes for GigaOM and paidContent from the GigaOM East office in Manhattan’s Flatiron District."
  • Franklin Graves (@franklingraves)
    • Franklin is a 2L at Belmont College of Law in Nashville, TN. He is currently the intern for This WEEK in LAW. His previous experience includes interning and working for Sony Music and Apple, Inc.


Tip of the Week

Another reason to secure your home wi-fi -- or another reason to educate law enforcement about open wifi

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