This Week in Computer Hardware 54

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This Week in Computer Hardware
Episode 54

Episode Number: Title

Laptop gaming, Intel's Wireless Display, and here comes Arrandale... on the Mac.


  • 1. How are we recovered from CES? And I support Conan lol
  • 2. Intel Push2TV
2. Intel "Wi-Di "wireless display"
3. Netgear Push2TV PVT1000
4. HDCP, mouse cursor, only 720p
5. Creates unique, new network, requires new Intel wireless chip
  • 3. How soon will we see Intel Arrandale in MacBooks?
1. Will need a discrete GPU, probably in January
  • 4. NVIDIA Surround and 3D Vision Surround
1. 1920x1080p
2. Requires SLI
3. 3D only working on flat plane?
  • 5. AMD XGP Notebook GPU
1. Limts, specs
2. push in, push out, mobility hd 5870 desktop 5770
3. 5 outputs, run all at same time
4. custom notebooks for now, maybe a PCIe addin soon
5. One machine from Acer / Ferrari now
6. not a PCIe card, but an MXM card inside
  • 6. OnLive Beta testing - article coming soon!
  • 7. Lucid HYDRA initial results - article coming soon!



  • FordSYNC #7
  • ad times: 00:00:32-00:00:49 and 00:18:08-00:20:46

Production Information

  • Edited by: Erik
  • Notes: Removed dropout at 13:04
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