This Week in Computer Hardware 57

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This Week in Computer Hardware
Episode 57

This Week in Computer Hardware 57: The SSD Decoder Ring

Why aren't AMD's high end cards selling better?, a teeny usb monitor, and Allyn visits a chip fab....


1.Intel research projects overview - more on the PCPer Podcast

Twitter questions

  • millgroup@ryanshrout Why are my hard drives slow to spool up when I have Win 7 on an SSD (Intel X25M)...its like they've powered down.
  • lhutchy@ryanshrout can i swap the AMD 810 for the AMD 965 with out changing the mother board Ga-MA770t-ud39
  • camster30@ryanshrout do you know a ghz speed for this 6 core intel yet or will it be the same as the 4 core but more torque like a bigger car engine


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