This Week in Computer Hardware 60

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This Week in Computer Hardware
Episode 60


1. MSI Big Bang Fuzion Motherboard and Lucid HYDRA Performance Review

2. Apple MacBook Pros likely to implement NVIDIA Optimus technology

3. Corsair 8GB Padlock 2 USB drive - hands on sample ($55 or so)

4. Adobe released beta 3 of Flash 10.1

  2. Adds support for GMA 500 (System Controller Hub US15W for the Atom processor Z5xx series, based on PowerVR architecture)
  3. Adds support for Broadcom CrystalHD chip

5. NVIDIA announcement date

6. Twitter questions:

  • Kevin: This week some Ion 2 benchmarks came out and showed Ion 2 to not have as good of performance as Ion 1. Is this because of Pinetrail or Ion 2? Any way to tell which of these is the issue?
  • alexanderlecard@ryanshrout do you still consider the 5870 the fastest video card how much difference with the 5770?
  • brucerwillkejr@ryanshrout question for today's podcast, advice on a raid config, which would be best for performance, and what controller to use
  • ZenProductions@ryanshrout My monitor, Samsung P2570HD, blurs all the text and displays colors incorrectly in HDMI mode, but just fine on DVI, why is that?


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The Black Hole War: My Battle to Make the World Safe for Quantum Mechanics by Leonard Susskind (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Ray Porter

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