This Week in Computer Hardware 70

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This Week in Computer Hardware
Episode 70


  • Steam to Mac and Linux
  1. Free portal
  2. The state of gaming on a mac
    1. laptop, imac, mini, pro - price / performance / practicality
    2. Source games are not resource intensive, yet fun
  3. Linux drivers?
  1. Says small continent = good for latency
  1. Colleen suggests that all computer monitors should be 16.9 like this. Death to 16.1
  1. WiFi Alliance and WiGig now working together
  2. next gen WiFi spec = 60Ghz band 7Gbps wireless spec: WiGig.
  1. Roadmap leaks!
  1. w/ new contact... $450 before discounts
  2. mandatory $10/month Premium Data add-on ON TOP of data plan... no data cap on 3G or 4G
  3. 8 Device WiFi hotspot? $29.99 a month. (Oddly enough Android 202 will include USB tethering and WiFI hotspot functions...)

  • Twitter Questions
  1. fyanez @ryanshrout what's the best way to add a sata hard drive to an older pc that currently uses a Ide hard drive
  2. Light_Sworn @ryanshrout can the glasses from nVision work with the new 3d-hdtvs (sold at bestbuy)? Or will I have to change glasses for each 3d output?
  3. alexhackney @ryanshrout I do video production in a small growing company. Running out of hd space. Low budget nas? Will Freenas iscsi let me edit hd?
  4. CouchPyro @ryanshrout Is TWICH changing to Thursday for good or just this week?
  5. 805balow @ryanshrout should i upgrade q6600 @ 3.2ghz to i7 for video work? Worth it?
  6. ryan10ad @ryanshrout My Time Machine drive died today. What's the best reasonable cost 1TB HDD on the market that will last for years?


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