This Week in Enterprise Tech 23

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This Week in Enterprise Tech
Episode 23

This Week in Enterprise Tech 23:

Technology Byte



  • IOSafe nailed to foundation.
  • Demos show drive being shot at, burned, dropped, run over etc. IOSafe will sift through the debris and recover your data. The demos have never resulted in lost files.

NetGear ReadyNAS

  • Dual 1Gb NICs for bonding (2Gbps)
  • 6 Bay
  • Hot SWAP
  • Grow/Shrink volumes.
  • New NAS will have 12 bay array.

Stuff my IT Guy Says

Network Routing

  • Routers look at the destination IP Address (Level 3 OSI)
  • TTL (Time to Live) prevents a packet from endlessly being tossed around unable to find its destination.
  • Router will compare packet's destination IP Address to its router's route table.
  • BGP is a route table maintenance protocol, not a routing protocol. It does not update fast or make good decisions about best route.
  • Complexity is the enemy of reliability. How much redundancy do you need is the trick to a reliable network.

Network Secuirty

  • UTMs are great for general security and easier to prove security standards compliance.
  • Millions of connections need scalable solution that separate IPS, Firewall, IDS, and VPN appliances.


  • SNMP is a push pull system for device information.
  • NAGIOS is an open source solution for managing devices via SNMP


IT Certificates

Hardware & Software Mentions

  • IOSafe Solo Fire, water, and shock proof external/network drive.
  • NetGear ReadyNAS


Production Information

  • Recorded Date: December 17, 2012
  • Release Date: December 17, 2012
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