This Week in Enterprise Tech 36

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This Week in Enterprise Tech
Episode 36

This Week in Enterprise Tech 36:

Technology Byte

Google Fiber

  • Reviewed Episode 34 discussion about Google Fiber needs to expand to a major city to be significant.
  • Google Fiber to roll-out in Austin, Texas makes Google Fiber real and not disruptive tech.
  • Looking at Kansas, gigabit home Internet can change tech significantly.
  • People skeptical of availability and time to sale of Austin fiber.
  • Enterprise managers are given more options for hookups.
  • Google can provide better SLA for more stable, dependable networks.
  • Faster dependable networks may bring other providers in to compete.
  • Google is strong arming local TelCos and may start to make money at it instead.

Stuff my IT Guy Says

Network Peering

  • BGP enabled Peering
  • Three times of Peering agreements: 1) Fast access to a local server in exchange ??? 2) ??? 3) Even share of incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Allows for neighboring networks to share traffic over a similar link so that one party doesn't have to charge the other for service. This benefits by similar outgoing and incoming traffic levels.
  • Peering transit agreement prices are often kept secret to keep bottom line prices (like big box store wholesale prices).
  • Peering agreements are often based on commit rates (paying up front for an estimated use).

Network Tiering

  • Tier 1 is a major/large peering backbone provider
  • Tier 2 connect to backbone and custom ISP providers and peer.
  • Tier 3 is a one way ISP connection that pays for access to a Tier 2 provider.
  • Google may not want to be involved in being a Tier 1 backbone provider and instead be involved in shaping Tier one governing policies.

Patent Troll Smack-down

  • Estimated $29B spent in defending patents in court. Up from $7B in 2005.
  • Often IP holding patent holding companies (MPEs AKA patent trolls) that do not produce a product.
  • MPEs are harvesting and collection wholesale groups of patents
  • Rumors of stealing Creative Commons licensed material for patent.
  • MPEs are infamous for litigation against smaller companies that do not possess the resources to defend their products regimental patent.
  • Patent often should collaborate with experts in the field to better vet patent applications (much like academia).
  • Peer review may slow down patent awards but patents already move slowly and will better verify the patent is unique and detailed.
  • Rackspace fights back against MPEs holding conflicting patents to their own Hadoop. The patents themselves are vague, redundant, and already in existence in abundance (memory management and error correction prior art from 1961).
  • Big data may suffer if MPE wins case.
  • Analogous to stealing from children, the patents are not for unique or new ideas.


  • Allows big data to be searched, analyzed, and graphed.
  • Splunk is a popular solution.
  • Bring multiple data sets together to draw conclusions about an event at a specific time. (Corelation)
  • No matter the scale or segregated your data sets are, the correct questions must be drawn.

Hardware & Software Mentions


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