This Week in Enterprise Tech 38

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This Week in Enterprise Tech
Episode 38

This Week in Enterprise Tech 38:

Enterprise Bite

Google Fiber

  • iProvo being acquired by Google for $1.
  • iProvo was unable to succeed in rollout.
  • 7 year rollout. Google to pickup the slack.
  • Will Google be able to yield a net profit?
  • Google has peering relationships already built to benefit iProvo, as well as the profits to offset temporary losses. Little transit fees at Tier 1 or 2.
  • Google benefits from iProvo dealing with licensing and permits.


Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

  • Obama has threatened to veto should it pass the house.
  • Eliminates business privacy liability for divulging customer information to third parties.
  • Industry experts need to be consulted on such a large and crude legislation.
  • CISPA has no recourse for businesses.
  • CISPA circumvents warrants and casts a wide net.
  • Past legislation has had many unintended consequences of personal photos being released.
  • CISPA leaves it possible to request all information on a block of servers, rather than a particular user's data.
  • Allows the abuse of power.

Stuff My IT Guy Says


  • Denial of Service attack uses a large amount of traffic to bring down a link or service.
  • If the attack comes from one IP, it can easily be blocked.
  • Distributed DOS attacks (DDOS), uses many attackers from many changing IP Addresses which makes it hard to block.
  • DOS attacks can saturate network bandwidth, and bring down servers via saturating disk I/O, RAM, CPU, etc.
  • Other traffic that gets dropped packets due to TTLs will be resent and escalate the issue.
  • DDOS Firewalls analyze traffic and can challenge individual senders.
  • Universities are large targets, often lack with machine security, and have large pipes.
  • Advertising your domain can lend more attacks

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Unified Communications System

  • Communications piece for Office
  • SDK for developers to add Apps to Lync, such as group chat, message context, SharePoint, etc.
  • Can allows for texting and screen sharing while composing in Office
  • Telephony can be replaced by Lync
  • Mobile support is broad. Which is appealing for BYOD
  • Integrates with Active Directory & Office Suite
  • Better for Enterprises.
  • Support is being built to be able to call Skype users from Lync.
  • Allows for non-interruption business rules.
  • Very large package with many working parts

Hardware & Software Mentions


  • RingCentral Promo Code: TWiT
  • Call (800) 543-9980
  • Ad time:

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  • Release Date: April 22, 2013
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