This Week in Enterprise Tech 40

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This Week in Enterprise Tech
Episode 40

This Week in Enterprise Tech 40:

Cheebert is dusty.



  • Most advanced temporary network
  • Volunteers run and test all drops and hardware
  • Miniature ISP for Gigabit Internet access.
  • Use rack PEDs.
  • Volunteers are trainee


  • DDOS Attack yourself to prepare for a real attack to find vulnerabilities.
  • With a 100Gbps connection (like Interop), a lot of traffic is required.
  • Breaking Point can generate the traffic with other tools to DDOS test without impacting production environment.
  • For executives network is binary, up or down. Network engineers need to be prepared to show how the network will remain up.
  • Breaking Point does not require infrastructure, or hacking skills--pay per attack service.
  • Universities are generally big targets, un-patched machines, large pipes, public, etc.
  • To thwart attack, more resources (fast hardware) that can respond to the attack is the first step.
  • Cloud and in--house solutions are required.
  • Command servers are being distributed.
  • F5 Vipirion box has high resource capacity, and also does traffic analysis to thwart the attack.
  • LOIC is readily available.

Vlog segment

  • PEDs
  • Booths
  • Fiber & Ribs

InteropNet ITMs

Interop Culture

  • Microtick used to give data about the end-user experience (DHCP time, DNS time, Internet access). The network may look good, but one node may still be experiencing problems.
  • User experience measurements play a very important role in critical uptime environments such as hospitals.
  • Off-site services and cloud computing.
  • Interop from a social standpoint is a organization with rules and policies not written down.
  • Started in the 80s and has had some very large Internet players involved.
  • The tribe or family inherit the rules of conduct of dos and don'ts.
  • The knowledge available is vast.
  • Volunteers on-site have many times rewritten code to fix the hardware, or called the person who can.
  • InteropNet members make a large amount of the white papers and RFCs in existence. 60 percent!

Embarrassing stories

  • Cheebert with Flu, unpatched
  • PadreSJ forgot to turn the power back on, and proceeded to hear the fans of ALL of the core shutdown.
  • Mark wrapping coils of Cat5 cable around the I beams caused massive EFI problems.

How to survive:

  • Sense of humor.
  • Self critical.
  • Red vines for nourishment.
  • Water!
  • Scissors
  • Band-Aids
  • Asprin

InteropNet NOC Tour

  • Drops
  • Bisket
  • PED
  • 90db Core
  • MDF fiber termination
  • Classrooms
  • Million square feet, small
  • LBCC Interops were in larger spaces, 3+M square feet.
  • Atlanta Interop would have split teams to deal with the two halls.


  • Avaya switches providing core network connectivity at Interop.

Shortest Path Bridging

  • Shortest path bridging in place of spanning tree.
  • Shortest path creates network fabric throughout the enterprise.
  • One big extended router including 3rd party routers in the fabric.
  • Similar to MPLS except done at both Layer 2 & 3, like a local cloud.
  • The technology needs the ability to do more with less. Changes can be done at the edge.
  • Core changes are not required, making changes that took months take minutes.
  • Routing at Layer 2 with ISIS.
  • Reduces errors, time required for changes
  • Health care providers have multiple installations, are moving to cloud based models of management. The requirement to be agile drives changing technologies, executives care about the result more than the path.
  • OpenStack, OpenFlow, single points of management have been a long time goal for IT.
  • Multicasting cameras can be dealt with.
  • Networks are changing to meet changing demands in networks.

Hardware & Software Mentions

  • F5 Viprion - [1]
  • Microtic -
  • Avaya Shortest Path -


  • RingCentral Promo Code: TWiT
  • Call (800) 543-9980
  • Ad time:
  • Ting
  • Call (855) TING-FTW
  • Ad time:

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  • Recorded Date: May 6, 2013
  • Release Date: May 6, 2013
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