This Week in Enterprise Tech 42

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This Week in Enterprise Tech
Episode 42

This Week in Enterprise Tech 42:

Tech Byte

Google Fiber

  • Google rolling out fiber to neighboring cities in Kansas.
  • Privacy concerns surround the expansion of Google as an ISP and service.


  • DDOS botnet for rental service supports multiple payment methods.
  • Can be used as an open hack tool due to no screening, which risks being shut down.
  • White market services would greatly benefit corporations wishing to PEN test.
  • Mitigation techniques due exist but often upping bandwidth throughput will mitigate the issue.

Google Glass

  • Probably another year until readily available for consumers.
  • Possible application of hardware in a rack recognition, with login details for the enterprise.
  • Translation apps would be very useful on trips.
  • Privacy concerns surround glass using the cloud to deliver services and features.

The Data Closet

Path Solutions

  • Volunteering at Interop Tim Titus was able to learn from very experience peers.
  • Troubleshooting problems in the network is difficult.
  • PathSolutions can find error missed by other tools, by looking at 18 error tables using SNMP.
  • PathSolutions provides reports and maps to expose issues on the network.

Enterprise Monitoring

  • The answers you get, is limited by the questions your software can ask.
  • Enterprises have multiple tools to bring visibility into the network.
  • No silver bullet for monitoring service and user experience.
  • Monitoring is very useful for proactive support before the user notices.

Device Security

VPN Secuirty

  • Security needed at corporate site, but also on connecting end-points that may have multiple users and compromises.
  • Gateway UTMs can filter inter-network traffic for malware.
  • SSL Decryption to filter for malware in VPNs, including branch office to corporate P2P VPN connections.
  • Solutions need to be transparent (remote management) as most users are not tech savvy.

Gateway Security

  • Multiple layers of antivirus benefit security.
  • Can protect users where the end-point has been compromised, and becomes an internal threat.

Protection Methods

  • End-point management.
  • User education of safe technology practices.
  • Educate users on what to look for.
  • Users need to be educated on the importance of following safe policies, and the consequences of not following them.

Hardware & Software Mentions

  • Ixia Breaking Point - [1]
  • SonicWall NSA 3600 - [2]





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