This Week in Enterprise Tech 58

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This Week in Enterprise Tech
Episode 58

This Week in Enterprise Tech 58:

Technology Byte

FBI Seizes Freedom Hosting

  • Charged that Freedom Hosting servers were being used to traffic child pornography
  • Charged Eric Martez
  • FBI created malware that exploited the FireFox Tor annonymizer to report the actual IP Address of its users
  • FBI Malware exceeds warrant issued as it altered users computers without their permission or knowledge.
  • The Malware was downloaded by the users, not forced by the FBI, and circumvented the encryption of Tor
  • While a serious crime was committed, it may not justify the breach in privacy. (Slippery Slope)
  • Encryption is not useful if the encryption can be bypassed.
  • VPNs only encrypt traffic point to point, if the end point is compromised the encryption is not useful.
  • Hacked servers may be used for illegal activities, which would then give warrant to law enforcement to seize all data on the compromised server, including the legitimate owner.
  • Educated users is the best defense against security concerns, no piece of hardware can be the end-all be-all protection against attacks.

Dell Buyback

  • Michael Dell got the price he wanted to buy-back Dell
  • Dell is moving towards an end-to-end enterprise provider
  • Dell may need to move away from the PC Market, as the PC market is in decline.
  • Michael Dell will have less responsibility and more control over the companies direction without shareholders.
  • Michael Dell will make necessary cuts which may effect the profits negatively in the short term, but benefit in the long term.
  • IBM stopped innovating when they switch to being an Enterprise company.
  • Dell may have new ways to innovate, such as thin clients.
  • Dell can provide the workstations, networking hardware, data-center cloud provider, management software.
  • Michael Dell may want to follow IBMs path of focusing on services rather than hardware.

Shortest Path Bridging

  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) prevents broadcast storms caused by a bridge loop by deactivating redundant links.
  • STP allows switches to have multiple paths to the same switch, which allows redundancy without bridge loops.
  • Shortest Path Bridging replaces STP as there no spans.
  • SPB allows administrators to see all their switches as one.
  • SPB eliminates the need for STP as a point to point route is determined in the switch fabric (shortest path).
  • The shortest path appears as one-hop, from the source port (which may be at the core), to the destination port (which may be a workstation's switch port).
  • VLANs persist.
  • Routing protocols operate at Layer 2 which allows scaling, or slow replacement of current traditional switch infrastructure.
  • Configuration can be done in one place, instead of at each hop.
  • Instead of hundreds of switches spread across sites, administration can be one in one place. One ports VLAN tag can be moved to a different physical switch without having to access two different switches.
  • Networks must be upgraded to prevent a critical performance tipping point as Malcolm Gladwell tells. Switching fabric can allow a gradual upgrade of network infrastructure to stay ahead of demand.

Data Centers In-A-Box

  • Data centers draw a vast amount of power since servers require heavily conditioned power.
  • Since data centers have power conditioning equipment, power companies do not need to condition the power supplied to data centers. Power companies can instead give "grey water" dirty power which is cheaper and less power consumptive.
  • Data centers can sometimes also run off of battery power when power cost is high (during the day), or even sell power back to the power company.
  • While power can be moved around, as power is transferred or conditioned, there is loss (generally in the form of heat).
  • Google has datacenters in a box (container) that can be located, and relocated in many locations due to their small size.
  • The container can contain a few thousand servers and the power conditioning and cooling required support them.
  • Containers can be scaled as they are modular.
  • Containers are cheaper to build than large cement walled datacenters.
  • Containers are mobile and temporary friendly for first responder emergencies or sporting events (On Premise Services).
  • Data centers are used by the military to spawn high-end communication centers in tight spots quickly and are often contained within trucks or RVs.

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