This Week in Enterprise Tech 7

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This Week in Enterprise Tech
Episode 7

This Week in Enterprise Tech 7:

Introduces guest Louis from Microsoft and Mary Jo from and Brian. Robert introduces the branding change Microsoft is taking with their logo and Windows 8. Louis informs us about Microsoft's "back to basics" revision. This new branding attempts to unify the many brands of Microsoft.

Stuff my IT Guy Says

Power of Ethernet (PoE)

  • Supplies power to devices over an Ethernet cord.
  • Uses a single cable for data and power.
  • Less physical constraints for location of device (no power plug needed)
  • Often 48V
  • 802af 802at protocols prevent devices from being fried by power, they "ping" the device to see if it supports PoE, and then supplies power if the device does.
  • More than one device can be powered by a single 50watt port (as long as they are not too power hungry (like an Access Point (AP)).
  • Great for IP security cameras and IP phones.
  • Uses a power injector, or a PoE switch that includes PoE already on their ports.
  • NETGEAR sells an unmanaged switch inexpensively. Amazon sells injectors online. This opens new possibilities for PoE devices.

Customer Relations Management

  • Microsoft has been evolving their CRM product, Dymanics CRM, to compete with Sales Force with a cloud based service (SaaS). Charged per user/seat.
  • Stores customer contact information, leads, and opportunities for marketing for any sized business
  • Are now integrating social interaction between teams in companies to manage leads.
  • Can break down walls, ex. more than one employee who know a particular customer can get together to strategize.
  • Hotels and Grocery stores use CRM when they get your information (for a club card or reservation). Some hotels know your favorite snacks etc. to feel personalized. Brian's credit card company is able to greet him by name based on the number on caller ID.
  • Outlook comes with CRM features, such as the small business manager and the many fields available for contacts.
  • Lead: Customer inquires about a product. A sales team will contact customer about the particular product. The sales team will then narrow down the requirement. Opportunity: There is now an opportunity to sell the product to the customer.
  • CRM software has a barrier to entry: setup.
  • Specific industries have specific CRM applications available, such as a Beer industry CRM.
  • CRM allows for personalization (Customer's wife's name, how to pronounce their name) but requires initial input time.
  • CRM is not free, you have to maintain the database and keep it up to date.

Qualities to seek in CRM

  • Agreement on terms first
  • Cross platform, mobile app
  • No CRM fits all, what fits you? Social data?

Hardware & Software Mentions


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  • Book suggestion: Daemon by Daniel Suarez

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