This Week in YouTube 27

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This Week in YouTube
Episode 27

This Week in YouTube 27:


Discussion Story

YouTube Tip

  • How many subscribers do you need to start making decent ad revenue?
  • Lamarr explains that views are more important than subscribers. The more views you get per video, the more your will receive in Ad revenue. You might not make much per video, but your back catalog will continue to make you money, for as long as people are viewing them
  • Lamarr Wilson tips for musician exposure on YouTube?
  • Lamarr believes it more important to concentrate on your social media interactions, than specifically on just YouTube. Pick a few different platforms, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and cross promote from one platform to another. Doing covers can also help you get exposure but you might also think about joining a network. You would have access to their catalog of cover songs. The restriction on covers can be very hindering for an individual. Also think about parades, which have very few restriction.


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