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This Week in YouTube
Episode 3

This Week in YouTube 3:


Featuring Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson, Michael Cera, Vince Vaughn and Seth Rogen. There will be new videos from Andy Samberg’s Lonely Island troupe. Popular comedy destinations with channels on YouTube like The Onion, Nerdist, College Humor and Funny or Die will join in.

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YouTube Tip

  • Make sure your videos are in the categories you want your channel to be represented in for "Related Channels." I used to do primarily tech for a while so all of my related channels on the side were tech channels, meaning my channels would only be featured on other tech channels. Now that I've expanded to a more entertainment vlogging channel, I changed the categories of all my videos in bulk to "Entertainment." Now the recommended channels are entertainment based, and I'll be properly recommended going forward.


  • Last weeks question: Do you have to be good looking to succeed on YouTube?
  • Tom Grosse response
  • Mondolounge response
  • Next weeks question: Should YouTube focus on these special events like "Comedy Week" where stars are featured, or focus on fixing the site & showcasing unknown talent?


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