This Week in YouTube 30

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This Week in YouTube
Episode 30

This Week in YouTube 30:



Comment Changes

  • 1. Problems arose when this rolled out on old videos with legacy comments & people couldn't reply. As new videos roll out, this problem is eliminated.
  • 2. You can edit your comments
  • 3. You can create a thread of comments
  • 4. By default your comments go to Google+, but just uncheck the box to keep that from happening.
  • 5. The Google+ integration (less than a week) has caused an uptick in views and interactions on Google+ & YT videos. Finally feels like a place for YouTubers vs techies.
  • 6. Make a Google+ page, get it over with, and connect it.
  • 7. Inbox, shares, etc are now in the bell at the top right along with Google+ notifications

YouTube Tip

  • iJustine says if your going to talk about something, be passionate. Don't feel you have to post something all the time.
  • Chad merged his YouTube channel with a Google page. The pro's and con's of merging with a page instead of a personal account are:
  • 1. With a page, you get to keep something that is not your actual name.
  • 2. You can add moderators to your page.
  • 3. You cant post on someone else content unless they have your page circled.


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