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Trey's Variety Hour brings together fun and clever people from all over the world to talk about photography, art, the future, and the dynamic nature of the new culture we are all building together. It's hosted by Trey Ratcliff, the travel photographer from The show uses the Google+ Hangout feature and has the feel of sitting-around-the-fire-after-supper-with-good-friends-and-drinking-port-while-discussing-the-European-theatre-of-war. Crazy wildcards are thrown into the mix for many welcome and unwelcome surprises.

Starting in July 2012 the show was retired on the TWiT Network. Trey will continue to do his hangouts live, but TWiT will not be re-broadcasting them on TWiT Live. Follow Trey @treyratcliff or his site, Stuck In Customs


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