Windows Weekly 161

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Windows Weekly
Episode 161


  • E3 news from Microsoft
    • New Xbox 360 console - sleek, small, and quiet. Reliable? We'll see
    • Project Natal is renamed to Kinect and will ship in November - no pricing, but was expected to be $150
    • Zune music is coming to Xbox 360, finally
    • New Kinect-based dashboard
    • Many, many new games this year and beyond, including some 360 exclusives and firsts
  • Sh! It's a secret: Kinect will be to Windows 8 as multi-touch was to Windows 7. Make "natural user interface" a core, first-tier part of the OS.
    • Also: If you look at the rollout schedule for Windows 7, some interesting trends emerge that are relevant to Windows 8 watchers. It's time to start the vigil.
  • Office 2010 ships to consumers. As does Office Web Apps and, starting this week, the new Hotmail.
    • Here's the schedule, and what's happening. And why this is too little, too slow. We need to light a fire under these guys.
    • Office 2010: No brainer for those still on 2003. But the future is cloudy. Literally.
    • Office Web Apps: Better than Google Docs, but what isn't? It doesn't even have spell check.
    • Hotmail: Ideal for consumers only. Power users/tech enthusiasts should stick with Gmail.
    • And where is Windows Live wave 4? Why does this take so long?
  • Sync vs. backup.
    • Some thoughts around the transition from Live Mesh to Live Sync and why I still won't be using Dropbox anytime soon.
  • iPhone 4 pre-order silliness is great for AT&T--existing customers are locking in for another two years--but it's unclear if this will do much to stop the Android invasion. Also: I'm reviewing iOS 4 now, and it's very good. So good, in fact, that I can't imagine Apple isn't bringing it to the Mac and looking at a long-term phase-out of OS X, a la Classic from a few years back.
  • Windows Phone 7
    • When the iPhone shipped in highly flawed form 3 years ago, it had no competition. When WP7 ships in highly flawed form this year, it will be the underdog. Is that good enough?

Windows 7 Feature of the Week: Improved hardware support features

  • Device Stage, Devices and Printers, Location-aware printing, Sensor platform, Better power management,Windows Troubleshooting integration, and more!

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Microsoft adds a new TechNet Standard Subscription

  • We previously recommended TechNet Plus as a great way to evaluate multiple versions of Microsoft software inexpensively. Now it's even cheaper, if you don't want the enterprise software: There's a new Standard subscription that costs just $199. The Pro version is typically $349, though there are often big discounts with promotion codes. The difference between the two? " TechNet Subscription Standard will provide you access to the entire stack of Desktop software from Microsoft, which you can use for evaluation and testing purposes to help you stay current and recreate customer issues. TechNet Standard does not include some enterprise editions of Microsoft software." (Or Dynamics software.)

Software Pick of the Week

  • Metro Twit - Windows Twitter client that uses the latest .NET 4.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation underpinnings, while providing a beautiful METRO and Zune-inspired user interface.
  • iTunes 9.2 - Delivers iPhone 4/iOS 4 compatibility, among other things

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  • Edited by: Tony
  • Notes: Video was not recorded on final cut.
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