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Windows Weekly
Episode 169


  • Slowest. News. Week. Ever.
    • These stories do not matter.
    • Microsoft creates a single web page "attacking" the Mac. OMFG! It's Mac v. PC all over again! Yawn.
    • Microsoft "recommends" Chrome. No, they don't.
    • Microsoft to develop Windows Phone games in-house? How will third parties ever survive??
  • Windows Phone and the cloud sync requirement
    • This is a proving to be a gotcha for some people. Here's how to get your data into the cloud
  • Dell Streak
    • Is this a big deal or a non-event?
  • Mark Hurd gets axed by the HP Way
    • People forget how old-school this company is: It was founded in 1939 (!)
  • Google and Verizon conspire to kill net neutrality
  • Netflix to pay nearly $1 billion for Paramount, Lions Gate, and MGM content
    • Netflix is arguably the best subscription service out there. Too bad it's US only
  • Live chat room Q&A***

Windows 7 Feature of the Week: Start Menu

  • Most of what you see here debuted in Vista, but there are some changes: Jump Lists, enhanced Start Menu Search, and a subtle deemphasis in favor of the Taskbar.

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Prevent Windows Update from automatically rebooting

  • Microsoft just issued its biggest-ever regularly scheduled Windows Update this week, and if you weren't paying attention, you woke up on Wednesday or Thursday to find your PC had rebooted automatically. If you'd rather OK such reboots, so you have a chance to save data and close open applications, you can do so with a simple Registry change. Alternatively, you can simply configure WU to not install updates until you OK them. This doesn't require a Registry change, but I think it's best to auto-install updates.

Software Pick of the Week

  • Bing Maps 3D (Then click 3D on the Map legend (IE only right now) - Basically Google Earth for Bing, but it runs solely in the browser and provides a more 3D way to navigate and find places. I've been using it in Germany and it's surprisingly good. Also: I like Bing's 2D map presentation a lot better than Google's, and it's on Windows Phone.
  • GooReader - Read Google Books and Magazines in Windows using a sweet-looking app
  • Thanks to Daniel Aguilar for the tip!
  • Note: last week's tip, Microsoft Bend, has apparently disappeared for some reason

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The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World by by David Kirkpatrick (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by David Kirkpatrick



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