Windows Weekly 170

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Windows Weekly
Episode 170


  • Microsoft reveals Windows Phone's secret weapon: Xbox Live
    • We already knew much about what was going on. But the number and quality of launch titles is amazing
    • Related: Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 is at half-way point, will sell it for five more years
    • Related: Microsoft did not kill cross-platforms gaming (The bad news: It committed suicide)
    • Related: Microsoft only sort of reconfirms commitment to PC gaming
  • New SBS "Aurora" and WHS "Vail" builds surface
    • These servers are *awesome.* I'll take one of each, please
  • New Windows Live Essentials public beta refresh appears
    • Many new features, some refinements
  • Sorry, naysayers: Steve Ballmer is an overachiever
  • Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse
    • not a tragic macpad, hopefully not an ergonomic tragedy either
    • Something to ponder: If Microsoft is such a dinosaur, why is everyone so interested in this?
  • Live chat room Q&A

Windows 7 Feature of the Week: Sticky Notes

  • OK, I'm running out of features. Sue me. :)

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Take advantage of Libraries

  • Customize which folders are aggregated
  • Create your own custom libraries
  • Installing Zune gives you a Podcasts library
  • Restoring default libraries (thanks to Alan Burchill for the tip!)

Software Pick of the Week

  • Bing Dynamic Theme
  • Thanks to Joseph Clark and Luboš Valenta for the tip
  • Also: Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta Refresh, Windows SBS "Aurora" RC, WHS "Vail" Public Preview Refresh.

Notable Quotes

  • You wouldn't port from Silverlight to XNA
  • Dell is still the number one PC computer manufacturer in the United States
  • Let me get the chat room fired up. 'YOU ALL SUCK!'
  • Remember, I do a radio show for morons. Dr. Laura, here I come.

Significant Products

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Crash Course: The American Automobile Industry's Road from Glory to Disaster by Paul Ingrassia (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Patrick Lawlor

Carbonite Pro

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  • Carbonite Pro #2
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Production Information

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