Windows Weekly 174

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Windows Weekly
Episode 174



  • Internet Explorer 9 Beta
    • Microsoft's new browser is way nicer than expected
    • Clean new UI, One Box, new notification system, pinned sites, jump lists, icon overlays, thumbnail preview controls, Aero Snap, download manager with SmartScreen Filter support, add-on performance advisor, hang recovery, standards support, hardware accelerated everything, and more.
  • Microsoft and Russia, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G
    • Microsoft gets caught helping oppressive government, acts surprised
  • Halo: Reach is way better than it needs to be
    • Finished the campaign... For the first time
  • Quick overview of the 2010 iPods - and the call for a new Zune HD
    • It's easy to hate iTunes, but the new iPods are just nice. Especially the touch.
  • Bing is number 2! (in the US)
    • Eh. It's getting killed in mobile
  • Brandon Watson from Windows Phone team

NOTE: Brandon mentioned that Windows Phone would support tethering. This is NOT the case in v1, sorry. --Paul

    • Final release of Windows Phone 7 developer tools
    • Some new apps announcements
  • Live Q and A (if there's time)

Announced: TWiT application for Windows Phone 7!

Windows 7 Feature of the Week: Internet Explorer 9 Feature of the Week: Pinned Sites

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: A Windows 7-centric way to banish Apple from your PC

  • Let's find the best replacements for Apple's Windows products:
    • iTunes/QuickTime
    • iPod shuffle/nano
    • iPod touch
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • Apple TV

Software Pick of the Week

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