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Windows Weekly
Episode 183


  • Yet another IE 9 Platform Preview
    • The 7th, and this time it comes complete with controversial best-ever JavaScript performance. Queue the haters!
  • Office 365
    • Microsoft is taking Office (and its Office servers) to the cloud, this time for a reasonable price. This could be a big deal. Plus: Lync launches.
  • Facebook Messaging
    • Not the new email service we were expecting. But Facebook may be right about email and the future of messaging. Side-note: AOL is refreshing its email service and (gasp) it looks pretty good.
  • The return of KIN, sort of
    • Or as I think of it, what KIN should have been in the first place.
  • Living room tech:
    • Kinect: 1 million units sold and counting. But an indication that this may indeed suffer from Wii-itis. Plus, my wife gets the new EA Active 2 and rates it as superior.
    • Boxee Box. This one is interesting, and review worthy, and arguably what Google TV could/should be.
    • Hulu Plus launches, is just $7.99 a month. Still, why are there ads??
    • OnLive video game service and game system launches - $99 for the system. Can also play on PC or Mac. Membership is apparently free, but you have to pay for games of course. Can "subscribe" to games over time, such as 3 days, 5 days, or a "full play pass" for permanent play.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops, week two - This one's a keeper. I finished single player on Veteran and already passed Prestige 1 in multiplayer.
  • Live Q and A
  • Windows Phone stuff:
    • I'm giving away copies of my book on the Windows Phone Secrets blog ( The first batch of 15 is going to people who submit tips I publish on the blog, and I'm doing one a day for the next three weeks.

Windows Phone 7 Feature of the Week: Phone

  • Yes, Windows Phone is a phone too. And unlike some smart phones, it's a really good phone.

Tip of the Week: Optimize your ClearType settings in Windows 7

  • Windows 7 includes a ClearType Text Tuner program that most people simply don't know about.

Windows Phone 7 Software Pick of the Week: Need for Speed Underground

  • The only iPhone game I ever played all the way through is now available on Windows Phone. And it's just as good, proving that WP is a great games platform too.

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METAtropolis Free Story: 'In the Forests of the Night' by Jay Lake (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Michael Hogan


  • Fiesta #2
  • ad times: 0:45-0:57 and 11:41-14:56


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