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Windows Weekly
Episode 187


  • Fixing Windows
    • If 2010 has proven anything, it's that consumers crave simplicity. Here are some ways that Microsoft can fix Windows to address the iPad and Chrome OS. User state. Legacy virtualization. Radical, simpler new UI. App Store. Deeper web integration. Signature as the baseline. Fewer SKUs. (Related: Microsoft's 2011 response to the iPad)
  • Windows Phone update rumors
    • One in January, one in February? Mango mid-year? Who the heck knows? More important: Why hasn't it been updated yet?
  • Hotmail adds interactive email functionality
    • New Active Views from partners like Orbitz (travel) and (job seek) with more on the way. Basically lets you do things from within an email that would normally require you to browse to a different web site.
  • Microsoft back-ports Office 2010 security tech to Office 2003, 2007
  • Bing Fall Update
  • Holiday tech gift picks, week three
    • Make your own photo gift: Books, calendars, mugs, more.
  • Live Q and A

Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: TWiT

  • TWiT application for WP7

Tip of the Week: Enhance Windows Live Essentials with Plug-ins

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Software Pick of the Week

  • Plug-ins make Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Writer better. [1]

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Carbonite Pro



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