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Windows Weekly
Episode 190


  • Happy New Year
    • Some resolutions, technological and otherwise.
    • Also: Some comments on the "best of" Windows Weekly episode.
  • 2010 in review, and what it means for 2011/CES preview. Some trends:
    • IE 9 is great, but IE loses market share overall. Future: Top three browsers with roughly identical share. Why this is a problem for Microsoft.
    • iPad. Sells 12-14m in 2010, a far cry from 350m PCs. But this form factor--this simpler computing model is the future. A flood of tablets will be announced at CES. It's the year of the tablet. Again.
    • Smart phones. Microsoft has credible entry with Windows Phone. But Apple is so dominant that even its endemically flawed iPhone 4 is the best-seller. Microsoft has a long way to go. It's moving too slowly.
    • Social networking. I'm tired of Luddites and hold-outs. You need to be on Facebook, now. If you're not, you do not exist.
    • App Store. My pick for the number one technology of 2010. If you launch a platform without an app store in 2011, you will be roadkill.
    • Mindshare. Apple and Google killed Microsoft in 2010. Microsoft needs better mind share in 2011. In the age of Fox News and sound bites, perception is the new reality. And in this reality, Microsoft barely registers.
    • But, hopeful signs. For all its problems, Microsoft still generates news. Just a hint that Windows 8 may appear at CES has set
  • Windows Phone data usage problems
    • Real or imagined? And some possible culprits: Marketplace, 3G being used even when Wi-Fi enabled, Wi-Fi not being enabled when screen is off and then not coming back, possible mysterious nighttime transmissions, etc.
  • This weekend: Microsoft focus group in Dedham. See you there! (Probably not.)
  • Live Q and A

Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: Weatherbug

  • My favorite weather app, with live tile updates, multiple location support, and nice customization features. Also: Ilomilo was last week's pick.

Tip of the Week: Make a portable Xbox LIVE profile

  • This makes it much easier to use different Xbox 360 consoles. But with some games, there's a small gotcha.

Tip of the Week 2: Backup your data as a New Year Resolution

  • There are two backup locations now, and you should be using both: Local backup (in-home) and cloud-backup. This is the year. Don't be a statistic.

Software Pick of the Week

  • OnLive - Play blockbuster video games without a console or massive downloads. If it works for you, you can go the hardware route too. But its free to try on the PC. Plus they're having a big sale for CES.

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Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It by Gary Taubes (Unabridged)
Narrated by Mike Chamberlain


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