Windows Weekly 202

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Windows Weekly
Episode 202


  • ANTITRUST! Microsoft launches antitrust complaint against Google
    • I eagerly await all the idiotic "irony" posts but Microsoft probably understands antirust and the EU better than anyone. My guess is the complaints will stick.
    • Three main areas of complaint: Internet search, online advertising, smart phones
  • NODO FOR YOU! Windows Phone 7 software updates starting to ship to more customers
    • Even AT&T is on the board, though not until sometime in "early April"
    • Related: I've hacked my phone to get the updates. You can too!
  • WINNING! Windows Phone 7 to be number two smart phone by 2012!
    • Classic bit of unsophisticated prediction from IDC. And why it's completely, deadly wrong.
  • NO, YOU'RE THE JERK! Paul Allen writes a tell-all book
    • Surprise!(?) Bill Gates is a jerk. Shocker.
  • LEAK! Windows 8 information starting to leak out again, as are M2- and M3-level builds
    • Microsoft is pretty serious about keeping this stuff a secret
    • So let's talk about it
  • Amazon Cloud Drive and Music Player
    • Amazon is on a roll. Apple? Google? Microsoft? Pfft: Amazon is doing it all on their own
    • Plus: What no one else is telling you about Amazon Cloud Drive, and how it stacks up against what Google is doing
  • Smart phones and mobile devices in business
    • The consumerization of IT is inevitable, apparently. Looking for feedback on how listeners' companies are implementing and/or allowing mobile devices in work

Windows 7 App of the Week: Xmarks

  • Free bookmark sync between IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari
  • Sadly, requires a separate installer for each browser.

Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: BringCast

Tip of the Week

  • Buy an MP3 album on Amazon MP3 and get 20 GB of cloud storage for free
    • Normally you get 5 GB of storage for free. Buy even a $5 album and you get 20 GB instead!

Mobile App Pick: LogMeIn Ignition

  • Combined with the free version of LogMeIn, a near ideal way to get at your PCs on the go

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