Windows Weekly 213

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Windows Weekly
Episode 213


  • Taking a stroll through the history of Windows
    • Let's step back for a while and recall how we got here: Windows 1.x/2.x, 3.x, 95, NT 4, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Plus: Developer controversy over HTML dev "requirements" in Windows 8
    • Real or imagined? Is this something to worry about?
    • Lightweight development was first hinted at with Avalon in Longhorn.
  • It's official: Windows 8 due in Fall 2012
    • Of course, we knew that already. But it's nice to get confirmation
  • It's official: Xbox LIVE will provide media services in Windows
    • No more Windows Media or Zune? It's about time
    • Plus: Xbox 360 wins in May, 11th straight month at #1. An unprecedented turnaround
  • One year of Office 2010
    • 31+ million units sold, 50+ million active users of Office Web Apps, over 750 million active Office users worldwide
  • Nokia vs. Apple
    • Patent claims settled. But who really won here?
  • Chromebooks
    • When you make hammers, everything looks like a nail. When you make web services, every PC looks like a web browser
  • Duke Nukem Forever may just be the worst video game of all time
    • Side controversy: PR company threatens reviewers, gets the axe. This is more interesting than the actual game
  • Interop thoughts
    • Gmail + Google Calendar + Google Contacts + ... Windows Live Mail? Windows Phone?
    • Why Google's stuff works best with Google's stuff, Microsoft's stuff works best with Microsoft's and Apple's works best with Apple's
    • And whether there's any need for a deeper examination of this

Windows Weekly Tip of the Week

Windows 7 App Pick: Kinect SDK

Windows Phone 7 App Pick: Evernote for WP7

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Solaris: The Definitive Edition by Stanisław Lem (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Alessandro Juliani

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