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Windows Weekly
Episode 229


  • Steve Jobs 1955-2011
    • Let's not waste too much time on this. Obviously, a visionary. Obviously, Apple will never be the same without him. His tech legacy is secure and unchallenged by anyone.
  • Xbox Live TV is finally unveiled
    • It's still not here and it's not entirely clear when it will be (new dashboard preview in fall/final: ?) Looks like two dashboard updates: One in November and one in the Spring (the "light" update)
    • It's not going to allow you to cut your cable; it's more like Media Extender 2.0 -- watch TV on your Xbox
    • Silverlight powered (though MS won't say that)
  • Microsoft to buy Yahoo rumor resurfaces again
    • But why would they?
    • Would it make sense for MS to buy off parts of Yahoo (which ones, if so)?
    • Random side-thought: Yahoo still commands mucho traffic. Couldn't the right person turn them around?
  • Does anyone like the Metro UI on PCs?
    • It's a great Win 8 tablet interface, but MS isn't winning over many fans (based on Win 8 blog post reactions) for Metro on PCs
    • MS promising to fix the scrolling experience using a mouse with the coming beta
    • Is MS really going to listen to user feedback on this? Answer: Mayyyybeeee....
    • The real issue, most likely, is that we just don't have any sophisticated Metro-style apps yet, and switching between that UI and desktop apps isn't great.
  • Does the iPhone 4S help Windows Phone?
    • Apple needed revolutionary to make gains on Android and stave off Windows Phone. They didn't do it.
    • Related: New Nokia phone rumors surface? How many phones before the end of this year are we really talking
  • Zune HD is done
    • MS support marks its passing in a very passive way (not too surprisingly)
    • Development of Zune hardware actually stopped in 2009 when the HD shipped.
  • Hotmail -- more new spam-fighting stuff coming before the end of the year
    • Hotmail and SkyDrive are being updated regularly now; rest of the Win Live (Essentials) suite -- not so much
    • Does the "Waves" metaphor still work for Win Live? (Answer: Only for Essentials. I think)
    • Regular updates make more sense for web-based software
  • Listener Q&A

Codename pick of the week: Lakeview

  • Xbox Live for TV's underpinnings

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The Storm of War: A New History of the Second World War by Andrew Roberts (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Christian Rodska

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