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Windows Weekly
Episode 242


  • Tech Resolutions 2012 for the New Year
    • Weight loss/health update - I received well over 1500 emails related to last year's Gary Taubes recommendation (I stopped counting). And 100s from people who have lost 50+ pounds. Mission accomplished? Hardly.
    • Rethinking everything tech-related: I've said repeatedly that the future of computing is highly mobile and connected. This year it's going to happen. Rather than coast on inertia, I'm reconsidering all of the hardware, software, and services I use, and really changing the way I do things. One of these will be a shocker. (No, I'm not switching to Linux.)
    • Seriously, figure out a backup strategy. We do this every year, but you need something local (redundancy) and something in the cloud (geographic redundancy for emergencies). They should both be automated.
  • Key Microsoft Shows of 2012
    • MJF's calendar of key MS shows in 2012 -- minus Mix 2012 [1]
  • Ultrabooks, not tablets, are the big story of 2012
    • Ultrabooks will outsell both netbooks and tablets in 2012. And a future version of these devices will combine tablet and notebook into a single product. Expect 100s of Ultrabook announcements at CES.
    • Related: Big projections for ultrabooks. But where were they when Win 7 launched? [2]
    • Related: Lenovo announces first-ever ThinkPad Ultrabook, plus some other incredible machines.
    • Related: In addition to Ultrabooks, a slew of Android tablets for 2012. And prices are coming down from the iPad "norm." WAY down. (Finally!) Ex: Acer 10-inch Android tablet for $329. That is way more realistic than $500.
  • Windows 8's refresh and reset features (with a few hints about the beta)
    • As with previous Building Windows 8 Blog posts, the stuff about Refresh and Reset isn't exactly new information--they're in the Dev Preview--but they beat the topic to death as always [3]
  • Windows Phone: New Updates, New Marketing $$ rumors and more
    • Pegs marketing full spend at $200 million for US in 1H 2012, but just MS + Nokia for ACE on AT&T is $130 million, well more than reports suggested.
    • Is the disappearing keyboard issue really and truly gone, thanks to a new update? Is the update even real?
    • And what about that new Ziggy app? Is it really a Siri killer? [4]
  • Pigs do fly and Linux is coming to Microsoft's cloud!
    • Yep. MS is finally going the Amazon route and allowing Linux (and Windows and SharePoint and SQL Server) to run in persistent VMs on Windows Azure [5]
  • IE 6 is on the wane (but so is IE's share of the overall browser market)
    • It's a win-win!
    • One gets the feeling that IE is also caught up in the same cycle of silence/waiting that is causing questions about everything else the Windows Division makes, including Windows 8, ARM tablets, Windows Live Essentials (still exists?). Now IE. If Microsoft releases IE 10 and no one uses it, does IE 10 actually exist?

Tip of the Week:

  • offers a one-stop shop for viewing and configuring your privacy across multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more! It's not a central dashboard, just links to the appropriate pages on each service's site. But admit it, you don't look at this stuff enough.

Software Pick of the Week: Bend

  • Bend, the Metro-style text editor, is back! Thanks to Andrew King for the tip.

Software Pick of the Week #2: Pure Text

  • Pure Text lets you copy from the Windows Clipboard as text, as God intended. (Developed by Steve P. Miller, Copyright © 2001-2012 Steve P. Miller)
  • Thanks to Matt Whitlock, the Editor for, who wrote this article after a Windows Weekly rant. :)

Enterprise Pick of the Week: System Center 2012

  • Get ready for a barrel of system management fun! Jan. 17 webcast coming up, probably to announce RTM and new strategy.

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