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Windows Weekly
Episode 277


  • Bradley Borrows, Microsoft New Zealand


  • New Amazon Kindle Fires
    • Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G, Kindle Fire HD 8.9", and Kindle Fire HD Link
  • Paul at TechEd New Zealand: Hands on with Windows RT Link
    • Paul spent three days with upcoming Windows RT devices.
    • Paul reports it's just like Windows 8, exactly like Windows 8.
    • Mary Jo is elated Windows RT supports Notepad.
  • The world's biggest multi-touch display from new Microsoft's Perceptive Pixel Link
  • Leo buys "a crap load" of new Kindle Fires. Link
  • Mary Jo in Manhattan at Nokia Announcement: New Lumia, Windows Phone 8 Link
    • Introduction of Lumia 920 and 820.
    • Reporters allowed to hold new hardware, but not use. Possibly because phones included Windows Phone 8 features not yet revealed.
    • PureView camera available in 920.
    • microSD slot 820, but not in the 920. Link
    • New accessories: inductance charging pad, Fatboy pillow, and speaker dock.
  • More Windows Phone 8 News
    • The *real* Windows Phone 8 launch is October 29.
    • Verizon is confirming they will have multiple Windows Phones in Q4 this year. Link
    • Nokia did not announce pricing or availability. Where was AT&T?
    • HTC to take the wraps off Windows Phone 8 device(s) on September 19 in NYC. Three possible models (Zenith, Accord and Rio). Link
    • Will Verizon's Windows 8 "hero phone" be HTC? Link
    • Windows Phone SDK delayed. Link
  • Microsoft Launches Windows Server 2012 Link
    • Standard, Datacenter and Foundation available now, Essentials later.
    • Integration of public and private clouds.
    • Replacement of Windows Home Server with Windows Server Essentials 2012.
    • Hyper-V Server 2012 and Windows Storage Server 2012 also shipping.
  • Presidential Beer Recipe Link
  • Bing It On! Link
    • MS launches a new campaign/contest to try to pry them away.
    • Microsoft throws down the relevancy gauntlet with sweepstakes with a Surface as a prize.
    • Will Google-accustomed searchers ever give Bing a real try?

Tips and Picks of the Week

  • Tip of the week: Make Xbox Music and Xbox Video work properly in Windows 8 How to focus on your content, not Microsoft's, and some thoughts about correctly tagging music and videos.
  • Tip of the week #2: March Russinovich's "Zero Day" sequel is out Mark Russinovich's second novel, "Trojan Horse," is now available. It's a sequel to "Zero Day" and a sort of modern computer thriller with accurate information about technology and computer security.
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Hyper-V Server 2012, available this week.
  • Enterprise pick of the week #2: Don't forget to tune into TWiET on Monday -- it's going to be mostly Microsoft show.
  • Rumor of the week: There's been a bit of a reorg in the Windows division, tipsters say. The team formerly known as Windows Live has a new name (and possibly two).


  • Squarespace, offer code windows9
  • Audible,


It by Stephen King (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Steven Weber

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