Windows Weekly 278

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Windows Weekly
Episode 278


  • Peter Bright (aka Dr. Pizza), Ars Technica


  • iPhone 5: Any upside for Microsoft?
    • It's a little bigger and has more icons and a better camera. Does the "meh" (to quote the WSJ) phone give MS and the Win Phone 8 handset makers a bigger door crack to sneak in through?
  • Windows Phone 8 News
    • Still no Win Phone 8 SDK, though you can now sign an NDA to get one
    • Windows Phone Marketplace renamed to Windows Phone Store
  • MS goes public with list of 32 holiday pop-up stores Link
  • Office News
    • Office 2013 upgrade program provides clues on SKUs, timing of new Office Link
    • Office 365 Home Premium will be a "subscription" (renewable yearly) for up to 5 PCs and/or Macs; Office 2013 is just for one PC
    • Guarantee goes live in mid-October, ends in April 2013
    • Office 2013 rumored RTM is November/December of this year; general availability in February 2013
    • What we now know about Office 2013 RT Link
  • The "Metro" name game continues
    • "Metro-Style" apps are (officially) called Windows Store apps
    • "Modern Apps" are something different and more generic: connected clients hooked up to continuous services
    • Why is this so complicated?
  • Windows Store now open to all developers in 120 markets. 1,000 Windows Store apps and counting
  • Windows RT
    • The Windows RT manage your own device game continues, too
    • (v 4) is the way to manage Windows RT PCs -- and WP8 phones -- (coupled with System Center 2012 SP1)
    • Why was/is this a big secret?
  • Visual Studio
    • MS to crank up the VS delivery pace (like it's doing with Windows)
    • Update 1 is coming this year. It's not a SP. It's more like a feature pack or a Service Update
    • What's in VS Update 1?
    • VS Express 2012 for Desktop Apps ships
      • Those writing non-Windows-Store apps rejoice

Tips and Picks of the Week

  • Software pick of the week: iTunes 11
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Forefront (RIP)
  • Codename pick of the week #1: Brooklyn (as in bridge)
  • Codename pick of the week #2: Windows Azure Virtual Networks gets a codename. It's still in preview, but it's all about bridging enterprise networks and the public cloud


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  • Ford

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