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All About Android
Episode 10

All About Android 10: Apps For Tablets


  • HTC: "We’ve Listened, Will No Longer Be Locking The Bootloaders On Our Devices"
  • As it's old but important news, I'll sum it up like this: HTC phones are historically easy to unlock. Suddenly, ROM fans discover that HTC is locking down bootloaders on a few new phones. HTC confirms that this is their new policy. ROM fans get angry and organize an internet revolt and pummel HTC's facebook page in large numbers. HTC reviews the decision and ultimately changes their mind. Everyone rejoices.
  • Google Wallet
  • If you have a Nexus S 4G on Sprint, you are a happy person. Google Wallet promises to allow you to use your NFC-capable phone to make payments at retailers by storing your credit cards and gift cards inside the Google Wallet app. At the point of purchase, simply tap your phone on the reader at checkout to pay. A Google Wallet pin will be required in order to authorize the purchase. Google Offers will work in conjunction with Google Wallet.
  • 30,000 to 120,000 Android Users Affected by New Variant of Droid Dream Malware
  • Fee deduction malware targeting android devices spotted wild
  • A few pieces of Malware news: First, DroidDream Lite, a variant of the DroidDream malware that appeared in the Market a few months back, has been spotted in over 25 new apps. Also making the rounds is BaseBridge, a Fee-Deduction malware embedded currently in more than 20 apps that, once granted access, can potentially make calls and send SMS messages without the user's knowledge incurring high costs in the process. Google has removed all apps known to be affected from the Market, but advice remains the same: Be careful where and who you download your apps from, and if you don't trust the source, don't install the app.]


  • Barnes & Noble announces new touch-enabled Nook for $139 (video)
  • Barnes and Noble refreshed their Nook E-reader with a Zeforce touchscreen, and "80-percent less flashing", a common occurrence on the previous Nook. Android 2.1 powers the device, with Wifi only, 2GB of storage and a microSD slot. Pre-order online and in the store now for a June 10th shipping date.


I bought my first tablet a few weeks ago, an iPad 2 (dun dun DUNNN). While I dig the tablet form factor, I have to admit that I let the pretty Apple steer me into an impulse buy and the more I use it the more I wish it was Android. I bought an Evo to replace my broken iPhone when it was first released about a year ago and this is my first foray back into iOS. I thought I missed the polish of the Apple eco system but the freedom of a rooted Android device is not something I want to give up, plus with the look into Ice Cream Sandwich at Google I/O, I'm not ready to give up on Google's ability to polish yet. ANYWAY, I am tempted to pawn this iPad off on someone else and use the money to buy an Android tablet. My question for you guys is: which one? I feel like there have been a bunch of Android tablets hitting the market lately and the choices are kind of daunting. I know you haven't actually used them all, but can you give tips on which to consider and which to avoid? I am also in the camp that disagrees with Jobs about having a smaller form factor tablet. I think the iPad is a little too big. Is the 7 inch Galaxy Tab my only option in the realm of smaller? (I already have an Evo-- don't go there :) Any advice is appreciated.

Love the show,

CassMan in Seattle

  • Weight:21.9 oz. (620 grams) Display size:8.9" (1280 x 768 pixels), HD, 3D, HDMI


  • Plants Vs. Zombies - out today and Free! YAYAYAY
  • Actually, it's a little stuttery on the Samsung Tab
  • Google Pulls Yongzh’s *oid Emulators
  • If you are a fan of playing NES, SNES and Sega Genesis emulated games on your Android device, things just got a bit more difficult. After years of proudly promoting Yongzhs "OID" emulators, Google has abruptly pulled them for the store entirely, undoubtedly bowing to the pressures of game system developers (does a certain Sony-branded gaming phone ring a bell?). For now, the emulators are available at for free, so get em while they're hot.

Android Arena!


Well done all around, lots a great topics and analysis.

I need some help!

All I want to do is make and take phone calls via my WiFi network when its available. I've searched the Internet high and low for ""how to's"" but I still don't have the definitive answer. My workbench and office are in the basement of our home and the Sprint signal refuses to enter. I need something that will bring the signal in or get it out via WiFi.

I hope you do a show on this topic.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to produce AAA,



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