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All About Android
Episode 11

All About Android 11: Keyboards And Clouds


  • 86% of Android Devices Run Eclair or Froyo
  • According to the latest data run by Google for its Android Developers site,
  • Froyo is the most installed version of the OS at 64.6% of all Android phones.
  • Eclair sits in second place at 21.2%, and
  • Gingerbread rounds out the top three at 9.2%. Meanwhile,
  • Honeycomb is still rather insignificant at .6%.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich promises to help close the gap and couldn't come soon enough.
  • Last March:
  • Froyo at 61.3%
  • Eclair at 29%
  • Gingerbread 1.7%
  • Honeycomb .2%


  • Xperia Mini
  • Xperia Mini and Mini Pro: Gingerbread, 3-inch multitouch display, 1GHz, custom shortcuts on four sides of the screen, 720p HD Xperia Mini Pro
  • Pro also includes front facing camera, sliding QWERTY keyboard.
  • Available in four colors this August


Android Arena!


I Recently discovered your show, i download your podcasts from the zune marketplace. I have an HTC G2 with CM 7.02 Installed, and I love it, before i owned a G1, and the difference is huge.

I love your show, the apps reviews and everything else. I was listening to the latest podcast this morning on my way to work and I wanted to suggest to Eileen, to install Titanium Bkp on the Gslate Tab, make a backup of the game battle heart and then copy the bked up files and paste them on a phone or any other tab you may want to use, that way the titanium backup should be able to restore the app+data from the original place, and you wont lose your progress, in theory, I don't own a tablet, and I haven't tested it yet, but i believe you should be able to do that.

please try to do this and let me know if it works.

In another subject, I'm having issues with my Micro SDcard, and I wanted to know if there's an app that would allow me to make a Cloud backup of my entire device.


Erickobain From the Dominican Republic

This weeks show mentions groove ip. It in deed let's you use your google voice number to talk over wifi, but most important, you can call the US from over seas free.

Works on my motorola atrix, Samsung captivate, not my aria. Works on tmobil g2 and 4g.

Love the show.


I just upgraded my phone to an HTC wildfire S running android 2.3.3. I mainly upgraded so I could have flash 10,1 and grab the BBC iplayer app. However flash lite is installed and when I contacted HTC they said flash is a 3rd party app so they couldn't help. Irritating to say the least.

The phone has a snapdragon processor can you guys tell me if it will be upgradable at some point? I have a few days to return the phone still so would love your opinion.

Thanks for the show.

Graeme from Edinburgh (UK)

I've recently purchased a Motorola Xoom tablet (love it), and was wondering what I can do to recover my tablet should it get stolen... I've heard of lowjack software for laptops, as well as for macbooks however I'm wondering if you guys (and gal) know of Honeycomb software that could help do the trick?

700 bucks for a tablet is a lot of coin... I don't want to lose this thing...


-Pete Portland, Oregon

  • Lookout isn't cleared for Honeycomb quite yet as their service "requires" SMS via the Official Android Market. But this link walks you through getting it installed from GetJar, allowing you to use the tracking security software as per usual.

I have a Droid X and am looking for an app do to a “print screen”. Any ideas?


David Sherman

  • There are a number of screenshot apps in the Market, all officially requiring root, though some have had success getting it to work on non-rooted phones. Having said that, 2.3.3 incorporates the ability for app devs to take screenshots without requiring root. Even if you are at 2.3.3, the app dev still has to rework their code to allow for this new ability. In other words, keep your eyes posted to the apps in question.

Unfortunately, HTC Wildfire S doesn't make the cut.


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