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All About Android
Episode 12

All About Android 12: Grab Bag Of Feedback #2




I, like Jason, am also holding out and waiting for the next best Android phone. (currently have a nexus S).

I think I have the definitive list of what that phone should have. Do you guys see any deficiencies on my list? Do you know of any phones that fit all the criteria?

Processor: either a 1200 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core OR 1000 MHz dual-core Nvidia Tegra2

Rear Camera: at least an 8 Mpx with LED flash and video recording at no less than 1080p

Front Camera: minimum 1.3 Mpx, 2Mpx preferable

Resolution: at least 540 x 960 capacitive LCD BUT will consider a 480 x 800 Super AMOLED

Latest android version & as close to vanilla android as possible


(DLNA, stereo Bluetooth, NFC & FM radio are great but I can live without)



p.s: The Samsung Galaxy S 2 specs state that the phone has HDMI connectivity via microUSB. Does this mean that other phones with a microUSB e.g my Nexus S also have HDMI connectivity?"


  • Sprint: Motorola Photon 4G this Summer, HTC Evo 3D June 24th (HDMI thru mUSB)
  • T-Mobile: HTC Sensation 4G (no HDMI, but yes DLNA)
  • Verizon: Droid Bionic release tbd, Droid X2 (just upgraded to GB)
  • AT&T: Atrix 4G (GB coming very soon)


  • Samsung Galaxy S II -- although specs could change per mobile carrier -- Also not sure about HDMI Out

I download radio talk shows as mp3 files and listen to them using the music app. I also download audio podcasts and use BeyondPod to listen to them.

The old music app was perfect. None of my podcasts would appear in the songs list, only actual songs (and mp3s of my talk radio show) The old music app would also allow deletion of files right from the app, and would remember your position in the file if you stopped listening even after a restart.

The new music app includes all my audio podcasts in the song list, which is very frustrating as I never listen to podcasts through the music app. My song list is now a big jumbled mess & it is harder to find my radio show to listen to.

Can I fix this?

I've tried other audio apps like Doubletwist, which is great because it does not include audio podcasts in the song list, BUT it does not remember your position if you stop listening, even if you do not restart, which is highly frustrating.

Is there a way to make the new music app play nice, or is there an audio app that does all 3 things.

1. exlcule audio podcasts from the song list 2. allow deletion of mp3 file from within the app. 3. remember position in the track, even after a phone restart.

P.S: please review antivirus apps. I use the AVG branded 'antivirus', but I can't tell whether Lookout is better. help, please?

Swiss Compass

Nexus S Gingerbread 2.3.4

Just wondering if you guys had an idea as to what is generally better (ie more profitable) for a developer; the paid for versions of the apps or the ad-supported versions. Apps are so cheap when you buy them I wonder how the devs make much per-sale and if there is a good app I want to support the devs as much as possible.



  • Paid! - Angry Birds is the exception
  • @gordone: I'm the dev of Scanner Radio (@ScannerRadio). 43% of my income comes from the free version and 57% from the paid version (Pro). That's with the free version still residing on 2.2 million phones but installed over 5.5 million times. (41% retention rate).
  • @pilot_51: I have low numbers since I'm barely marketing my apps, but for my PrediSat app with both ad & paid versions, ads are ~18% revenue.
  • @therocco: my free apps with ads make on average as much as my paid versions but the free versions have 10k-30k more downloads.

I never miss an episode and usually will watch it live, however, if I miss it I am always waiting for the tweet from Raygun01 to find out when the newest episode is ready for download.

My idea and question is about the mirroring of a tablet. I plan on getting a Samsung 10.1 when it comes out later this month, but I like the idea of being able to mirror my tablet on my television like the ipad and apple tv can do. Are there any apps or other hardware that can be used that make it as easy to use as the ipad and Apple tv. I've seen apps that let you share photos and things like that, but I'm mainly looking for mirroring rather than just sharing pictures.

Thanks for your time and I'll be watching on Monday.

Oh yeah and the Samsung Galaxy S II was just announced for Verizon coming out this July. I'm pretty sure this will be my next phone as long as it has LTE.

Thank you,


Really enjoying the show. I have been using android for about a year now, but have never really come up with a good solution to how to organize my screens. I'm just curious as to what you all do? I've switched launchers back and forth a few times (which reminds me I've never heard mention of my usual launcher, Go Launcher, on your show) and just never get things organized in a way that works for me. Thanks for the tips and app suggestions,

Smith in Sioux Falls."

First off, I love your show! Thanks for all of your hard work, reviews, and tips!

I got an HTC Inspire a couple of weeks ago and I am in love. I had an iPhone 3G so being able to multitask is just great and the notification system is a bazillion times better (iOS 5 - eat your heart out).

My question for you all is this: what are the must have apps? I'm a huge Google products user so I got Reader, Listen, Music, etc. first thing but what else is there?

Thanks again!


  • Eileen - Doubletwist, Amazon App store, Little Photo, Read it Later, Jorte, Yelp, dropbox, TuneIn Radio, You Tube
  • Jason - Pulse, Pandora, Folder Organizer, Astro, Chrome to Phone

Is there any way to increase the amount of space available for 'pinning' music? It only shows just under 300MB available on my Vibrant.



  • I'm not sure that there is yet. -Jason

Great show. Love the app recommendations. In AAA 11, one of the arena apps was SwiftKey X. So far I love the keyboard, but have a problem with its privacy settings. I have two-factor authentication configured for all of my gmail and google apps accounts. When I tried to use an application specific password to access my Gmail account in SwiftKey X Beta I was told that it had to have my actual account login. I'm not about to give that login to a keyboard application. In looking into the privacy statement for SwiftKey X, they mention the usual buzz words SSL, password protected, but don't mention encryption. So, according to their privacy statement, they will use SSL and then password protect your data on their servers. Hello, do they not read the Sony PSN news!

I'll probably still use the keyboard because of the tap and hold to get special characters, but no way I'm giving this app access to my gmail let alone twitter and facebook.

Rick Huebner

Rockin' the Sexy Nexie One fully rooted of course go Cyanogen"

Hi guys, here is the problem: Last week I downloaded and installed a Launcher Pro on my LG Optimus T unrooted phone, then I hit the home button and as always for the first time it asks me if I want to go to Launcher Pro Screen or LG Screen and at the bottom there was a check box, saying: Use by default for this action. So I checked that box and I accidentally clicked on LG Screen and now I have a problem, I cannon open the Launcher Pro, it just never asks me, it always goes strait to my stock, LG screen. I tried everything, reinstalling Launcher pro, also I went in to the properties of the Launcher Pro and I cleared all the stored cache and data there, and nothing seem to work. Can you explain how to uncheck that box for: Use by default for this action. that I checked earlier.

Please help, I hate to reset my phone and start everything over.

Thank you so much


  • Jason: Go to LG Screen in your "All Apps" tab of "Manage Applications" and clear those defaults. Good rule of thumb is to clear the defaults on the app that is currently set AS default in order to effectively go back to square one.

I'm lovin' my Android, but I keep getting an "Application data space is low" message. I'm having to manage my running apps much more than I would like. Is there any fix for this? I've researched and I can't find anything. Thanks.

p.s. Typed with Swype and loving it. Love the show! Keep it up.


sent from my HTC Droid Incredible (and lovin' it!)

  • Kevin: Move apps to SD to free up system space. Use the app DiskUsage to see what data is taking up the most space.

What a disappointing arena guys! All your keyboard replacers still looked like kbs. Booooring! :D

I feel very compelled to share this little beauty with you guys. I've had one of those 'never can go back' things (well, technically; I also have a slide out kb). I've never felt that the virtual kb made sense on a tiny phone screen, and this was a godsend to me. :) Check it out:

(no, I don't work for these guys, & don't have anything to do with these guys, just a happy user) Love the show, long live Android!

Andrew (from Florida)

I got my Google Music Beta invite and uploaded all my music and after using the service I have to say that I'm going to stick with Amazon. I can see where people that have a very large music collection would like Google better but 20,000 songs is a lot of music. It's not like I'm not a music lover. I've been playing guitar since I was 13 (I'm 33 now) and have amassed quite a collection over that time but it comes no where close to 20,000, that amount almost seems like too much but who am I to say. Either way I'm going to stick Amazon for one reason, my wife. We use the 1 login for Amazon so we both can sign in to the Amazon mp3 app and have access to all the music there. The other perk of Amazon is that it is more then just music you can upload photos and documents too. My wife LOVES the photo part. I backed up all of our photos there and she loves looking at them when she is having a bad day at work. I could give other reasons why I prefer Amazon but I'll leave it at that. One other thing, the 1 login works for the Amazon Appstore too. I'm able to put paid apps on both mine and my wife's G2 without any issue.


Steve in Chicago

  • Jason: When it comes to sharing a music library, it is TOTALLY possible on Music Beta as my wife and I do it:

On my wife's phone, I added my Gmail to the accts, and synced NOTHING. Then in Music Beta, I chose my Gmail acct in settings and voila!

Android Arena!


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