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All About Android
Episode 123

All About Android 123: Smell Your Device



Three months after Google acquired popular crowdsourced mapping service Waze for a billion dollars, we are starting to see changes to to Google Maps. Information shared via Waze will surface in Google Maps, and Street View maps as well as Google Search will now appear in Waze. The lines are beginning to blur!
CyanogenMod has been making some interesting changes to their popular ROM for rooted users. This latest improvement is the CyanogenMod Account system.
Two months ago we discussed that the Nook line of tablets, the ones NOT touting e-ink displays, would be killed off due to weak sales. Barnes and Noble did an about face by announcing that, in fact, the Nook tablet line will NOT be phased out completely. Instead, expect a refresh of the lines by the holiday season this year.

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Moto X finally has a date, and it's this week! Lands on AT&T August 23, complete with Moto Maker customization.
HOWEVER, if you were planning on getting custom engraving through Moto Maker, you'll have to wait. Engraving is being postponed for the launch as test engraving was not up to Moto's standards. No clue when that will be added back into the plan. Verizon is expected to offer the Moto X August 29, though no confirmation of that quite yet.
Om's sources say that Samsung has seeded many different variations of the watch design to developers. All of them had square OLED screens. 3-inch watch face.
Dual core processor
The strap has an integrated camera. The clasp houses tiny speakers.
NFC and BT 4.0
An accelerometer allows the watch to turn on when moved up towards your eye
Test devices are based on Android 4.1 and 4.2.
Tight syncing between watch, phones and tablets. If you're looking at a particular email on your watch, your phone will be at the same place if you pick up that device.
The connection will use Samsung’s proprietary accessory protocol and will use Bluetooth LE as the network transport.
Apps for the watch will come not from the Google Play store, but instead from the Samsung App store.
HTC's plastic mid-range variant to the HTC One, the oft-rumored Zara, got a render leak thanks to respected leaker @evleaks.
More alleged specs:
4.5-inch qHD (960x540-pixel) display,
Dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 Plus processor
8GB internal storage
2,100mAh battery
Possibly sub-$100 price range


NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 mobile processor with quad-core CPU and 5th battery-saver core
16GB memory
Micro SD
High-performance 12-core NVIDIA GPU
7" display, 1280x800



Google had a few BIG updates to some of their marquee apps for Android this week. Starting with Google+:
Messenger is finally gone. Though suddenly there's an icon (effectively a shortcut) to G+ Photos.
Location sharing is greatly enhanced, now allowing you to limit the view to specific members of a circle, as well as a note telling you when the last location pull actually happened.
Google Drive photos/videos accessible through the G+ app.
Easy switching of G+ accounts/pages.
Better Apps for Business integration.
Swipe notifications left to swipe away, right to push the tray away.
Pull to refresh.
The other huge update was YouTube, a MAJOR refresh:
The new "hamburger" menu
A card based UI for your feed and search list
History, playlists, favorites and uploads are now at the top of the menu for easy access
A new icon
The ability to search for playlists
The new multi-window display (pop out video player that sits on top of everything else in the app)
Koush (KOH-SH) followed up his tease that we discussed last week showing how pretty much anything with media intents could be shared to a Chromecast, by releasing the beta build of an APK for what he calls AirCast. So go ahead and cast your locally stored video files up onto that massive TV.

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