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All About Android
Episode 131

All About Android 131: No One Wants a Floppy Phone



Nexus 5

A 7-minute HD video shot October 9th showing the device in gory detail, along with a lot of KitKat's splashes, though the build is older than some others that hit the web too… more on that in a second.
Some images leaked from Russia complete with Nexus branding on back (some of the recent leaks lacked that indicating earlier versions). The soft touch backing appears to be a fingerprint magnet too.


Possibly a tease on the day that everybody thought an announcement would take place.
TuttoAndroid had some pics that show:
A lock screen with a new Camera button
White notifications (again)
Notification bar and on-screen buttons on TRANSPARENT backdrop meaning background image shines through
A revised app drawer with transparent background showing the desktop image instead of black
Apps and widget tabs are gone
4x5 grid layout with bigger icons
No more Messaging app (Hangouts?)
No more Gallery (but there is a Google Photos)
Enhanced location settings (High Accuracy, Battery Saving, Device Sensors Only)
Possibly "always listening" mode like Moto X (though only from the home screen)
Finally, rumors that the launcher will be a standalone app called "Google Experience Launcher"
Design changes:
White notification bar, lots more transparency
Default Gallery app replaced by Google Photos
Missing apps: Messaging, Local, Gallery, Navigation (? from maps?)
Google Search/Now is integrated deep within Google Experience, the very left homescreen is reserved for a permanent Google Search/Now screen. This Google Search/Now screen now has a one-touch button to set a reminder.The amount of homescreens is no longer limited to 5 and looks to be infinitely expandable. The right home screen is always empty. If you add something to it, it creates another one to the right of it. That way, you never have to create homescreens manually.Similarly, we now get infinite app folders which are no longer limited to the previous max of 16 apps. In order to accommodate this change, the folders now scroll if they contain more than 16 shortcuts.
You can no longer add widgets from the app drawer - that area is now reserved for just apps. The widget selector has moved back to the homescreen long-press menu where it joined the wallpaper selector, along with a link to the Settings. However, since this area is still largely incomplete, it may change drastically by release time.
Also making the rounds is the rumor that Google is possibly going to unveil their supposed watch offering, the GEM, that focuses on Google Now functionality along with the usual calendar/sms/time stuff. Reminder that Google bought WIMM Labs last year and its pretty certain that something wearable will come out of that acquisition.
Artem Russakovskii at Android Police took to G+ earlier this month with similar musings, and also had a date of October 31st to throw into the mix as a possible announcement. Hmmmm, Halloween for KitKat??
Google TV was hardly mentioned at this year's Google IO. How surprising would it be for this rumor to be true: GigaOm reporting that Google plans to phase out the Google TV brand and replace it with Android TV. Good idea? Do this solve the problems that GTV has had since it's launch a few years ago?
The TV platform was launched three years ago based on Honeycomb, the Android version that also powered Google’s first steps into the tablet world. Google’s latest tablets now run Android 4.3, but Google TV is still stuck on Android version 3.2, which makes it much harder for developers to bring their apps to the TV screen.
Google announced earlier this year that it would update Google TV to the latest version of Android, which would allow developers to use the same APIs available on mobile devices. The upgrade to Android 4.2 was officially announced for Q3, but word is that LG will now update their Google TV devices later this month, with other manufacturers following in the coming months.

Voice Mail


Plug your old iPhone into your computer and open iTunes. Once plugged in, use the menu bar at the top of the window to navigate to the Info tab. Here you will see a list of syncing options, the first of which should be your contacts syncing options. In the drop-down menu next to the “Sync Contacts With” box, you want to select Google Contacts, and then type in your Gmail account information in the window that appears. This allows Gmail and Apple to update your contacts so that all of the names, numbers, and emails from your phone’s contacts are now in Google.
For those of you switching from Android to iPhone, simply plug in your primary phone, navigate to the Contacts page, click the Menu button, and select “Merge with Google”. Now all of your phone contacts will be ported over to your Gmail account.



Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Round for the Korean market literally a few hours after last week's show. Only for the Korean market at the moment, the differentiator being the vertical axis curve of the 5.7" display. Available in (wait for it) Luxury Brown.
One reason for the curve is a tipping notification effect. When its set on the table, and you tap down the corner, the screen turns on to show you notifications.
Also, new renders of the officially tease LG G Flex with a super curvy display 6" display is being confirmed by sources
Amazon is gearing up to release multiple smart phones manufactured by HTC, according to people familiar with the company's plans. Sources of the Financial Times claim that a range of phones are in the works, with at least one that is in advanced stages. The phone is said to be released as early as the end of this year, but launch plans have changed before and may be pushed back again until 2014.

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