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All About Android
Episode 135

All About Android 135: The ART of Tinkering



Dalvik is the virtual machine that all apps on Android run on. Dalvik essentially takes code compiled from JAVA, and translates it into something that each individual device, each with its own specs and hardware, can understand. It takes code and allows it to be run on a number of various CPUs, essentially. Dalvik has been around since Android's beginning, so it's pretty old.
Instead of continue to optimize Dalvik into the future, Google has decided to start fresh with a new runtime engine. ART (Android Run Time) has been placed into KitKat, deactivated by default, as a way for developers to start testing their apps against this new runtime engine for compatibility, as well as get hardware manufacturers to optimize their hardware around it and get familiar with it..
Google has said that ART might even replace Dalvik in the next big update to the Android platform.
Google is currently actively beta testing a program that tracks the stores a user visits via location reporting, and matches that data against Google searches done on smartphones. Users who opt in to location tracking would be tracked in this way. All of this comes from an agency executive that had been briefed by Google on the program.
In 2014, Google plans to roll out a plan to match people's verified phone numbers with profiles in G+. So when you get a call in your new KitKat dialer, the profile picture will appear, whether they are in your contacts or not.
You can manage the numbers associated with your account and profile by viewing your account settings. Also, look for the setting that reads "help people who have your phone number find you on Google services and connect with you" next to each number you have listed… you can deactivate this behavior from there if you wish. Warning: Hangouts also uses this information now that sms and calls are integrated.


I think +Gina Trapani , +Jason Howell , and especially +Ron Richards (of Google TV fame) might have missed something about one of the Kit Kat features. The biggest issue with cutting the cord is finding where content is available to stream across Amazon, Hulu, Play, and Netflix. If these companies allow Android to index their apps, now Google (especially in Google TV) can produce results on content searches that take you directly to the content.

Google knows that they have to let the content provided come to this conclusion on their own, but if they do and give Android access, we can finally search for ""Sherlock"" and be taken directly to the content in the app.

Pretty awesome.



Tegra Note (Tegra's followup to last years Nexus 7, part of NVIDIA's Kai strategy of offering Android tablets at $199 price point)
7" 1280x800 IPS display
Tegra 4 single core 1.8GHz
A stylus
5MP camera
Stereo Front Facing speakers
Basically Stock 4.2.2 JB
Performed very well in CPU and GPU performance tests, but storage performance was pretty bad. What does this spell for a device over time? What's the difference between DirectStylus and a Wacom tablet? (no hover support)

Glass News

Google announced that Glass will be updated with Play Music and All Access integration. Sometime in the next few weeks, Glass users will be able to listen to music through their new Glass compatible stereo earbuds with customizable color caps, and access everything on the Play Store by saying "Okay Glass, listen to…" Also song identification with "OK Glass, what song is this?"
There is now a Glass signup page for the general public. Sign up and Google will let you know when a spot opens up, whenever that may be. Go to and click on "How to Get One"


Cyanogen Inc released their anticipated CyanogenMod Installer app on the Play Store today. Also, the desktop client is available through their site. This won't work on every phone, but the app guides you through prepping your device to be recognized and ready for flashing their ROM onto your device using the desktop client. There is a list of supported devices on their wiki site. Nearly all Nexus devices, most Galaxy and HTC One variants are supported. Verizon is absent from the list, thanks to their locked bootloaders, save for the Galaxy Nexus.

AAA: The Game

Android Arena!


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