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All About Android
Episode 137

All About Android 137: Do What Like a Sandwich?



1. Set up your Android phone
2. Update iPhone/iPad with contacts and mail
3. Sync all your iTunes music to Google Play Music
4. Transfer your SIM from iPhone to Android
Oh yeah and use Chrome!
Chromecast SDK might be around the corner! Google has invited several developers to a Chromecast hackathon for Dec 7-8. Google says devs will have the opportunity to "test drive" the new Cast SDK.
One day after lamenting the no-show that was the rumor of a Google Wallet Card, Google unveils… the Google Wallet Card. Access your wallet balance wherever MasterCard is accepted. It does not allow you to pay from all of the accounts synced with your Google Wallet account.



So my Nexus 7 (1st Gen) got the update to KitKat this weekend, and I am a little disappointed... You've mentioned some of the goodness you've been experiencing on your Nexus 5s, but the 7 doesn't seem to have the same goodness, like ""OK Google"" from the lock or home screen, I still have the widgets tab in the app drawer and I can't create new home screens by dragging widgets or shortcuts... Am I missing something, or are Google making the phone and tablet experience completely different...?

Enjoy the show


Graham Brown



Motorola went ahead and released the Moto G early, on sale today as opposed to January 2014. $179 off contract starting price. (16gb)
With the announcement, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside told CNET that ultimately, Motorola wishes to allows customers to customize screen size, processor speed, and memory, but that a lack of standards makes that difficult at the moment. Project Ara is how they tackle that goal, but he suggested that's a ways away.
Likely not TOO far away, as Motorola just inked a multi-year development deal with 3D Systems, who will be Moto's exclusive fulfillment partner for the 3D-printed Ara parts.
Interesting side note: 3D Systems currently has a deal with Staples to allow customers to custom order parts that will then be printed and picked up in store.
And finally, Motorola eased up on Developer Edition devices by no longer voiding a users warranty when they choose to unlock the bootloader…. something the device was always advertised as a feature! Also, factory images will be posted on their site which is a nice change too.
New Samsung Galaxy Grand 2:
5.25-inch 1280 by 720 display with a 16:9 aspect ratio
1.2GHZ quad-core processor,
2600 mAh battery
8 GB of storage
SD card slot
Dual-SIM capability.
Comes in white, black, and pink in “selective regions”
No price announced.
Want another Android smartwatch option? How about $349 for the Qualcomm Toq? Pre-orders are open for a December 2 availability. Qualcomm says the Toq is a proof of concept watch showcasing Qualcomm capabilities including low power yet powerful chips, and Mirasol display that features a full color screen with minimal energy usage (up to six times for power efficient thatn LCD or OLED). The Toq is said to last for days on a charge as a result. Running Android, it also comes with a wireless charger.

Glass News


First, Google has likely taken one step closer to Glass with prescription lenses by striking up a relationship with VSP Global, talking about how to rope the technology into its lenses and frames.
Second, though its a small step and the Mirror API is somewhat limited in scope, Google has opened the Mirror API to all developers so you can get to work on Glassware right away!
And finally, If you are a developer, and requested more information from Google about Glass, you might be able to expect an invite to arrive shortly!



We've expected a Newstand app for weeks, thanks to sleuths at Android Police. Google finally unveiled the new app last week, folding Currents and Play Magazines into the new Newstand app.
Subscribe to magazines and now newspapers using the app, plus follow news feeds like you could in Currents.
We wondered why, with 4.4, the App Ops capabilities, where you could tweak permissions on a per-app basis, was seemingly removed. It turns out that it's still in there, but now even harder to find. If you want to find it, just go to the Play Store and install the App Ops 4.3/4.4 app. It gets you access to those hidden permissions features, and also seems to include the ability to toggle a Keep Awake setting (ie wake lock.) So if you want to make sure an app can't wake lock your device and drain your battery, this one is for you. There is a free version. Also root users can get the pro upgrade for advanced batch-related settings.



I have recently switched form being a long time iPhone user to the new Moto X. I have to say that there is a bit of a learning curve, but I am very happy with my first Android phone!

Most of my apps from the iPhone have android equivilents, so all is good there, although I wish Downcast had an android version, as I find most of the Podcast apps to be a little off from Downcast.

What I wanted to ask you is this: When I had my iPhone, I used Air Video from InMethod to access media files on my Mac at home, running the Air Video Server, from anywhere I had an internet connection. I really enjoyed this, and wanted to know if there was an equivalent app for the Moto X?

Love the show, and I learn a lot form you guys!

Doug Robinson

Android Arena!



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