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All About Android
Episode 138

All About Android 138: Freedom to Make Epic Mistakes



JB 54.5%
GB 24.1%
KK 1.1%
JR Raphael of Computerworld put together a nice roundup of the year's best phones to help you decide which device purchase is best for Christmas time.

Glass News


I received an invitation to join the google glass explorer program, for the minor fee of $1,500.

While I am beyond excited, I am wondering whether this is a ""good"" time to buy them. I just watched Jason's BYB review, but also watching AAA and other TWiT shows it seems as though the view is that while the device will be awesome in the future, it may be only mediocre now.

So I have 6 more days to make the decision on whether to buy or not. I am hoping you all can help me make an informed decision. The geek in me has already decided yes, but it is a lot of money for something that might be significantly better in terms of operation and form factor in 6 months (and maybe less money).


John in Boston



John Freml from Pocketables asks if it's possible that Chrome OS is on Nexus 10 2: Chrome OS now has on-screen keyboard support ASUS has been rumored to make the Nexus 10 2, and they do the Transformer line that is all about hybrid tablet/keyboard form factor
Rumor time! Galaxy S5, according to Japanese site EMSOne, could feature a metal unibody design, with Samsung going premium this time around.
  • Sony Smart watch 2 review
1.6-inch 220 x 176 transflective LCD (176 PPI)
Transflective is a hybrid screen, using ambient light when not backlit
Water resistant (IP57) up to 3 feet for half hour
Not running Android though it's designed to look like it is
Works with 4.0+, no iOS support
No camera/speaker/mic



Last Tuesday I was thrilled to see that my Nexus 4 was ready to apply what I assumed would be a tasty update to Kit Kat.

After installing the new version, things seemed amiss. My home button wouldn't work and apps continually crashed, especially Google apps. My email didn't appear to be syncing properly in Gmail or in my Exchange account. Clicking web links in the Google search app opened Chrome, but failed to load the page in question. And the Play store rejected my phone each time I tried to enter.

I did a factory reset. But after taking that plunge, all my phone problems persisted (other than the home button issue). It took me many hours and a lot of reading to figure out how to flash the factory image and finally restore my phone to working order.

But I'm now stuck advising my family members with Nexus 4's to ignore the update being pushed to them by Google.

I'm a huge Google fanboy, but it seems Google has a long way to go to become a true consumer product company. This kind of screw up would never have happened on an Apple product. And if it had, there would have been a fix as soon as possible. Instead we Android faithful have to wait around without clear indications as to what is being done

It seems to me that Google needs to focus more on reliability and customer service if they hope to fulfill the promise of their mobile platform.





CyanogemMod Installer lasted two weeks on Google Play before asking CyanogenMod Inc to remove the app as they say it was in violation of their TOS. CM 10.2 stable has been released so folks on a wide number of devices can get access to KK right now.
The GitHub repository has something called Mobile Chrome Apps, with Michal Mocny, a software dev at Google, as the lead.
"The toolkit will help developers create Android and iOS hybrid native apps with Chrome app polyfills, through Apache Cordova. The steps include modifying for mobile design, fixing bugs, working around limitations, and of course, testing." This would allow devs to publish apps direct to Play and Apple's app store. Google declined to comment directly.

Android Arena!




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