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All About Android
Episode 14

All About Android 14: Back It Up, Back It In



I have been enjoying the show. I have noticed that after I uninstall an app, there are still files left on the phone. What is the best and easiest way to remove these files? I have heard of file managers. I would like more information about these. Which one of these is a good, effective choice? Thanks,

Julie Reno, NV

  • Some apps leave install folders and as well some leave settings files within those folders, as an example. I mount the drive on a PC/Mac and delete the folders of apps I know for sure I've uninstalled. Or use Root Explorer to do this within the phone.

@robinmalburn: I just go into AndExplorer on the phone and delete it from my SD card. Nice simple solution, no PC required. @pluggpro: SD Maid requires root, but can help with cleaning remnants from uninstalled programs. @pilot_51: Clearing on uninstall only for 2.2+ if devs do it right.


Dual-core Intel processor
SuperBright 12.1" high-resolution, non-glare display ideal for web browsing
Boots in less than 10 seconds and resumes instantly
Up to 8.5 hours of continuous use


I was listening to Episode 13 and would like to thank you for the PhoneGap mention. I'm one of the contributors to this open source project with my core area being the Android implementation. One thing I wanted to clear up was one of the comments that was made about the apps looking generic. That's not 100% correct as you are purely limited to what you can do with your HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript skills. Toolkits like jQuery, Sencha and Dojo have very good support for mobile widgets and you can make your apps look like native ones quite easily.

The PhoneGap framework itself provides you a JavaScript API to access the native device features like geolocation, acceleration, contacts, etc. And as an extra benefit to developers there is a supported plugin infrastructure that allows you to expose more native functionality by creating your own plugin.

Anyway, I could talk about this all day so if you ever want to get more information on PhoneGap don't hesitate to contact me.

Simon Mac Donald



I switched from Windows Mobile 6.1 to a Nexus One about a year ago. One of the features I had with my old phone was the ability to automatically record every phone call, but I've yet to find a reliable free app for Android that doesn't require you to use the speakerphone.


Adam in Nashville

PS: Contrary to what most people believe, Federal law specifically allows you to record your own conversations without having to notify the other parties. California and Maryland state laws have a provision that requires notification, but the state I live in does not. In fact, most states mirror Federal law. I mention this because every time I ask on a forum, I get a "ZOMG ILLEGALZ!!!ONE!" response by the third post, and then the thread turns into a discussion of wiretapping law."

Android Arena!

  • A few from the Twittersphere:
  • @kevinpurdy: Nandroid (root) backup, all the way. Offload every 5 backups or so to an external HDD from the SD card.
  • @realdude: Everytime I install or update a new rom, I backup with ROM Manager.
  • @hotmilkgt: I backup via google for the contacts. usb to laptop for photos. Lookout


Loving the new show! Glad to have some dedicated android love on the twit network. Anyways, I was just listening to episode 12, towards the end when Kevin was giving advice on ways to free up internal memory on a phone. I use apps2sd, and periodically use the clear cache feature. One thing he didn't mention that I found helped get my original MotoDroid moving a little quicker was clearing my call log and old texts. After almost 2 years of having the droid, I had racked up quite a backlog of old texts. Since I didn't want to delete them forever, a friend of mine recommended an app called SMS Backup+. I created a gmail account called or something like that, and set up the app. It takes a few minutes to backup all the texts and the call log, and they are stored in a gmail account, so I can access all my old texts from any computer for reference. The best thing is that it automatically threads conversations with a person, so all my texts with my mom (for example) show up in one long threaded email.

Once I had that all backed up, I cleared out my messaging app, and rebooted my phone. I found it made a surprising amount of difference in speeding up my MotoDroid's responsiveness. Just thought I'd share. Keep up the good work guys!


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