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All About Android
Episode 145

All About Android 145: Glass Case Closed



Glass News


What about wearing Glass into a movie theateacr? Does that sound wise? A Columbus, Ohio man did that and got a nice long interrogation by the FBI, on the spot! AMC confirmed that they saw what they thought was someone recording the movie with Glass, contacted the MPAA who then contacted Homeland Security. After investigation, it was determing that Glass was not recording anything. At the end of the day, the anonymous man was given four free movie passes, something he says "infuriated him."
Google unveiled that their X Lab is testing smart contact lenses. These are being developed to monitor blood sugar levels in diabetics. Electronics and an antenna are onboard the lenses that allow them to wirelessly transmit that data to other devices. Re/Code said that some Bay Area residents have actually been testing the lenses.
These lenses don't show the user anything, they merely monitor glucose level every second and report back to an external device.



Silent Circle shut down their encrypted email service 5 months ago because of NSA revelations from Edward Snowden (to summarize quickly). Now they've partnered with GeeksPhone to create an Android phone, dubbed Blackphone, that they say is a mobile phone with a forked version of Android that is built around security and privacy. Secure calls, texts, file transfers, video chat, private browsing and VPN anonymization. Russell Holly of points out that things like the processor and SIM card would still lie outside the control of such security minded hardware and platform. Little to no concrete information is available at this time that details HOW they secure everything, just their word that it
How about some fingerprint news! … HTC already has a fingerprint scanner on the HTC One Max. Now LG is reportedly bringing the tech to the upcoming LG G3 and G2 Pro, located on the back of the phone (of course.)
And definitely not one to be late to the party, Samsung might be opting for fingerprint scanning in the upcoming Galaxy S5 as well. There were unconfirmed rumors that Samsung might go with iris scanning, but according to the report from the Korean Herald, they opted for fingerprints instead.
And leaked software points to Sony's unannounced flagship phone might sport a 4K video camera, as well as support for high frame-rate video. Other features would be dual-home screen support (better accessibility), Smart backlight controls, and (get this) a built in Answering Machine!





Niantic's Ingress has been a big success. How about a follow-up? Niantic's follow-up is called Endgame and should launch Q3/Q4 2014, and will be paired with a trilogy of novels that can be referenced along with YouTube videos and social media to navigate and play the game. Confusing.
To top it off, each novel and associated game will have a real prize: Gold. Folks can solve puzzles for the key to the case. All of this will be streamed on YouTube.
LogMeIn announced that their Free tier of remote control and access of your PCs is going away. Users have 7 days to decide if they want to pay $49 yr for the service which allows for remote access of up to two computers.
Android hook? They completely redesigned their Android app to sweeten the pot and it better follows the current design guidelines. And we all like that, right?
Yay, another music subscription service. Beats Music has a new service and Android app that launched today for $10 mo. That gives you access to 20 million songs that are curated specifically for your individual taste. AT&T subscribers can get access to a $14.99 family plan.



I can't help but notice that some apps in the Play Store have not been updated for years. These apps were clearly made for older versions of Android and for obviously smaller screen sizes. Problem is that sometimes these apps just dont work on newer phones, and the developer has clearly abandoned the app so emails or bad reviews will have no effect.

This occurred to me after searching for a good solitaire app. Finally found one that had the user experience that I wanted, yet the cards were tiny and barely filled the screen. I imagine this to be an easy fix so I emailed the developer. After sending the email I noticed the app was last updated in 2011.

After how many years do apps continue to remain in the store, without any attention from the developer?

I would love to hear what you guys think about this.



PS: This is the app that inspired my question.

Android Arena!



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