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All About Android
Episode 152

All About Android 152: The Android is Always Greener



SXSW is underway in Austin Texas, and the man, Sundar Pichai, was there dishing out some info on an upcoming SDK for wearable devices. There was no mention of Google's own rumored Google Now watch, nor its relationship with LG in its supposed smartwatch pursuit. Instead, he said that developers and makers of smartwatches and wearables should gain access to the SDK in two weeks time.
Wall Street Journal reported that the SDK is meant to be a vision for developers, similar to what the Nexus line is to smartphones and tablets.
Google is releasing the SDK well in advance of the actual devices that might use it to get plenty of feedback, ala Google Glass.
Pichai said yes, smartwatches is one implementation, but also aluded to the possibility of, oh I don't know, a "smart jacket" with sensors.
Google's own smartwatch is rumored to be unveiled at Google IO in June.
Other things revealed by Pichai during the talk:
Chromecast has seen sales in the millions, with a widening availability to many other countries in a few weeks.
Anyone on 4.4.2 KitKat might have encountered a battery drain issue. I certainly have, at times. When you dig into the battery stats, you might notice something eating up your juice called "mm-qcamera-daemon" and you might then ask yourself "Self, what the hell is that?"
Well, turns out, you might be able to blame Skype. Google has been inundated with bug reports about this issue, and started to investigate on their own. Turns out, they discovered the cause and are promising an update to the OS that should fix the problem.
Two things you can do to cut down on the issue until the fix is rolled out:
1- Reboot when it happens
2 - Uninstall Skype. An AOSP project member said "Uninstalling Skype may substantially reduce the likelihood of this bug appearing, but I realise Skype is a very important application for many people. Other camera-using applications may trigger this bug as well, but that's been relatively rare. Most applications also do not access the camera when not in the foreground, so they will only trigger issues when actively used."



Have you guys seen this yet? - It's pretty cool...Great way to actually use all that wasted charging power!

Christopher Lee Woodside

Research projects require analysis of massive amounts of data. HTC Power to Give is a way to put your smartphone to work with this data crunching when the device is not in use. Download the Power to Give app, plug the phone in, connect to Wifi and unused processing power is sent to the HTC's grid for use. Select the research projects to give to, and no power hit to the device since it works without mobile networks and while the phone is sleeping.

Looks cool, but I wonder how it differs from the Android version of BOINC, which has the similar ability to run only when charging. -Davemq



Ever heard of OnePlus? Led by former Oppo VP Peta Lau, OnePlus Tech is creating some buzz around their intention to release a no compromise phone, with the tagline "never settle."
Dubbed "OnePlus One"
Running CyanogenMod 11, but visually different from the AOSP-based version we're used to seeing by default with the option to bypass and switch to straight up stock.
2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 with LTE support
3100 mAh battery with "Mystery Tech"
5.5" 1080p JDI display (same display as HTC One)
Option of on screen or capitative hardware buttons
Stereo speakers
Completely unlocked
$400 or less when it launches in Q2
GSMArena obtained a leaked Telstra brochure for the All New HTC One which tells us a little bit more about the dual cameras:
The feature is called "Duo Camera" and it gives you dynamic focus to highlight the subject of your photos better, blur backgrounds, "3D effects".
Wait, is this the next HTC Evo 3D?
Another cool feature:
Double tap the screen to wake
And EVLeaks says that the All New HTC One will also have a Play Edition.



Hi everyone, love the show.  i realllly wanna buy a new nexus 7 but i'm scared a new new one will be announced right after i buy one.  do you think we'll see another new one this june/july?

cheers, ian



A new york woman has filed a class action lawsuit against Google after her five year old son racked up $65.95 of charges from a game called "Crystals" on her tablet. She had password protection on, but password protection for Google Play has a 30-minute window of deactivation once a password is entered.
So, a parent uses the password to install a game for a kid and then hands them the device. A game maker knows this Play Store behavior (maybe) and then prompts the kid with power ups and IAPs in that 30 minute window. If the kid decides to say OK, they have no barriers to payment.
Apple paid $32.5 million in fines related to this scenario as well.
Think of the $100 power ups!
Google's Text-to-Speech is updated to v3.0 with the introduction of new High-Quality voices and more languages. File size difference is drastic (old female US voice was 6.8MB, new HQ voice is 244MB)
Samsung has a new music service for your Galaxy device: Milk Music. It's free and has no ads and can be downloaded in the Play store.
Samsung says the service is "fresh and organic" hence Milk Music
200 included stations with unlimited customization options.
Create stations from any artist/song, but no song search.
Unlimited streaming, no offline cache
Skip up to 6 songs per hour
OK so Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Birds, did a Rolling Stone interview where he details the entire story behind the rise and ultimate removal of the game from the Play Store and iTunes store. Though he does say that he is considering bringing it back but with a warning that says "Please take a break." The read is really fascinating and worth your time. The game is still generating tens of thousands of dollars for him, he's making more games, and adjusting to his new life.
If you have a Nexus 5, and its rooted, and you are signed up for the beta channel of Koush's awesome Allcast app, then you might soon be able to mirror your screen to your Chromecast.

Android Arena!



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