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All About Android
Episode 154

All About Android 154: Circle Beats the Square



Tell me if this sounds ridiculous, or super smart: Billboard wrote about their sources claiming that apple is seriously considering bringing iTunes Radio to Android, in an effort to deal with double digit declines in US download sales.
US digital sales down 13% this year so far
Digital track sales down 11% for the same period, according to Neilsen soundscan
Google is pushing Google Now to Chrome, so even those using a browser can get in on the action. No settings required to get it going, other than being signed in via Chrome to the same Google account as used on your mobile device. Google Now in more places outside of Android.
Speaking of Google Now, new features! 'play some music' launches an I'm Feeling Lucky playlist, 'take a picture' launches camera app, 'take a video' launches video camera app.



So Google Now , got the keywords, ""take a picture, take a video and play some music"", and while it may be much faster to take navigate to the app I think this is a bigger play. What if you had your DSLR with Android wear set up to take some pictures and you speak into your watch and it takes that picture. Or even better you come home and your android wear connected sound system hears you say ""play some music"" into your watch and up comes your i'm feeling lucky playlist. I think we will see more and more contextual phrases in the next few months as Google wants to get us talking more and more. I know I'm doing it, just today I was walking listening to a audio podcast and somebody said something I wanted to check. I went to my homescreen asked my question, the podcast paused while Google read out the answer and then resumed and I continued listening to the podcast.

Marlon the guy from Trinadad



For the first time, Chou says, the dual camera captures "true depth information." HTC opted to solve a problem they perceived at the hardware level rather than using software processing. That problem was the ability to choose focus after the fact.
The camera array does that by dedicating one sensor to capturing depth information according to HTC. It was explained as "understanding" whether an object or person is in the foreground or background, and blurring accordingly.
5" Super LCD3 display at 1080x1920
5MP front facing camera and Ultrapixel rear cameras (more on this later)
Snapdragon 801 processor at 2.3GHz
2600 mAh battery
32GB Internal storage with microSD slot
Android 4.4.2
Google is starting to make it's "Project Tango" availible to select developers
The kit includes a phone with both USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, and all the cables and chargers you need to get it running
Tango uses 4 cameras:
Forward Facing Camera
Rear-Facing Camera
Wide-Angle, rear-facing, High Contrast
Depth Sensing Camera
Right now, you can't do much UNLESS you're a developer. The kit includes the SDK and requires Unity or Java development experience.
Motorola hosted a hangout with the lead designer of the Moto 360 smartwatch. In all, the discussion didn't yield much in the way of new information, but a couple of interesting bits:
Battery performance takes a lot of from the lessons learned with the Moto X, ie better power management and sensors
"secret" charging method as the device has no ports or plugs.
Works with all android 4.3+ devices
Water resistant, no camera, global availability
And not to be outdone, LG released a press photo of it's G Watch device to its Facebook page.And those of you wondering how apps that we know and love might approach this new form factor, Pocket is already on the ball. Their prototype shows what sharing to the service might look like on the device. And finally, Sony is sticking to their guns. Android Wear is not coming to the Sony Smartwatch. Head on Sony's Mobile US arm Ravi Nookala said "We've already invested time and resources on this platform, and we will continue in that direction,."

Glass News


Google announced that it is working with Luxottica, which owns the Ray-Bay and Oakley brand of sunglasses.



A new app called Photowall was released by Google for both Android and iOS and even works from a laptop. It's a collaborative experience where folks in the same space can throw pictures up onto a Chromecast device to share the screen with other's images. You can edit the images before throwing the to the Chromecast as well. It's essentially a shared slideshow. The entire video is recorded and can be posted to YouTube after the fact.
A new update to the Google Keyboard brings it closer to the predictive powerhouse that is Swiftkey by allowing the app to detect your typing style in other apps and offer up predictions based on your personal typing habits.

Android Arena!



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