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All About Android
Episode 155

All About Android 155: Android Chronicles


Right around the release of Honeycomb, HTC Evo 3D, Rumor that Google was devloping a Nexus Tablet with LG, BlackBerry playbook to support Android apps, Rumors of In app billing coming very soon, and What Would Andy Say debuts


Google IO registration details! Sign up starting at 5am PT April 8-5pm PT April 10. Tickets randomly selected. $900 for tickets, $300 for academic tickets. IO runs June 25-26
Samsung and Apple are back in court. Again. Fighting over patents. And we don't know much of anything at this point so instead of belabor the case and force a discussion around it, let's just say that its already shaping up to sound a lot like their previous turn in court (where Apple won on nearly all accounts.) Apple is suing on 5 key patents it thinks should have been negotiated as part of a licensing deal when Samsung integrated them into its devices. Trial is set to last all month (yay). How about we just let you know what happened once the dust settles?
Sources tell Engadget that Google is testing out a completely refreshed camera app for Android that will ultimately be released in the Play Store. A new UI, background blurring effects, improved Panorama and Photospheres, no-crop viewfinder, open support for 3rd party developers to create filters.
New to your device: "Powered by Android" is now mandated as part of the Google Mobile Services agreement to be displayed on new devices following design guidelines that Google laid out in detail. The phrase will appear during the boot animation phase, and already appears on the HTC One M8, the Galaxy S5, and was just pushed out in an update to the Moto X.
And in other policy update news, Google made some changes to its Developer Program Policy for Google Play. The focus of this update appears to be targeting developers using shady or deceptive promotional methods for their apps that don't disclose things like in-app purchases, auto-install of an app through an ad without disclosure, unsolicited SMS promotion, and more. Basically, tricking users to install your app is a no go.



Tomorrow at 8am PT is Amazon's scheduled press event that will focus on it's "video business." Many expect an Amazon branded set top box with possible gaming features.



On this week's episode of AAA, you were talking about the changes made to Google Keyboard. I happen to love Google Keyboard and it's been my default keyboard since ICS. However, Jason seems to have missed a feature that's been in the keyboard for at least the last few revisions. Jason mentioned a feature he wanted included where you can type in a shortcut such as ""idk"" and it would automatically generate the phrase ""I don't know"".. This feature has been in Google Keyboard for some time and I use it regularly.

Settings>Language & Input>Google Keyboard settings>Personal Dictionary: then you can add specific words to your keyboard's known dictionary and even add shortcuts for words or phrases. (See attached photo) Admittedly this feature is buried pretty deep in settings but it is there and very useful.

Love the show, I watch/listen every week.

Randy Bishop



Office for Android is free to use, with no more Office 365 subscription requirement. Android tablet version is coming soon.
LastPass finally released an update that allows you to insert ID/PW into apps and browsers. The feature is called Fill into Apps, and requires you to enable the feature in lastpass and then go into Accessibility features and turn on the feature there too.



Hey guys, Love all you do. I can't wait to listen every week! Not sure if this has been covered before, but I just discovered it and it is a life-saver.  When you are in the ""My Apps - All"" portion of the Play Store, you are able to long press on an uninstalled app, and then select multiple apps to install.

I just got a new phone and discovered this. Saved me a ton of time! Now I'm off to play with my HTC M8! Pull the trigger Gina!

Best, Nick Giulioni

Android Arena!



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