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All About Android
Episode 156

All About Android 156: The Appquisition


  • Kevin Grant, Lead Android Design Engineer, Tumblr
  • @kevingrant5


A bug in OpenSSL, the encryption method used by around 50% of Internet web sites, allows someone to gain access to chunks of data sitting in system memory on any system running OpenSSL.
Steve Gibson reveals everything there is to know about Heartbleed right now.


Exclusively obtained documents by The Verge
"Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform" writes Google in the docs. "It’s all about finding and enjoying content with the least amount of friction." It will be "cinematic, fun, fluid, and fast."
Look/feel like other set top boxes in the market
Developers are asked to create simple TV apps for a simple set top box.
Scrolling cards show movies/shows/apps/games on shelves
Controller has four-way directional pad, Enter, Home, and Back.
Voice input and notifications support
Android TV revolves around Google's recommendations for what you might want to watch/play/
Resume content across devices
Never more than 3 clicks/gestures to go from homescreen to new content
Universal search, and in-app search from the interface
No support for NFC, Cameras, Telephony, touchscreen to keep devs focused
Information obtained by Android Police that they feel very confident in, though they warn that they know it is incomplete.
Hera is Google's effort to unify Android, Chrome and Search on an android device
Facilitated via a special Chromium build running on Android.
Multitasking in this case is handled via HTML5 for quick execution of tasks without using the full app.
Screenshots suggest a new Android design direction with Chromium instances matching the style of the native Android style making them indecipherable in your multitasking view.
Leaked Gmail images from late last week are a good match to these new design approaches, might lend it even more credibility.
Web apps that function and look indistinguishable to apps on your device.
Think of it as "Chrome desktop sync does now, but for everything Google. If you begin a task on another device (be it mobile or desktop), it seems Hera will add that into the new multitasking view as a card like the ones shown above. But it will also be able to incorporate tasks usually handled by apps. So, if you had Google Maps open on your tablet showing directions to a place, and you forgot the address, there would already be a Hera instance in your multitasking view with the same activity."
Android Police obtained slides from a reliable source, though the info is from the end of last year so a little bit dated.
Android Silver is Google's attempt to improve support on key devices.
Qualified devices "run the latest version of Android with no or very limited customizations" and only 5 such devices will be qualified and available to consumers at any given time.
Android Silver Display in carrier stores touting availability of the network. Google manages this as well as training of staff on how to sell such devices.
Carrier staff would aid customers in migrating data, and complete setup of new device in under 5 minutes with Google's "nothing slips through the cracks" guarantee
Possible rebranding of Android Device Manager as "Never Lost" for device retrieval, lock, rename, suspend service, backup, etc.
Silver customers have access to Hangout Assistant, like Amazon's Mayday service, with 24/7 live hangout support.
This also puts "Android" front and center, something Google is doing more and more lately.



Amazon unveiled its Fire TV set top box for $99, available now.
Quad-core, 2GB ram
"3x faster than latest set top boxes from Roku/Apple"
All the major content providers are on there, video and music
Remote has built in mic for quick search
Gaming features with controls via Fire TV remote, upcoming tablet app, or optional $40 gaming controller

Samsung S5 First Look




Just a little bit of aquihire news: Cover, the contextual Android launcher, has been acquired by Twitter. We featured Cover in the Arena just a few episodes ago.
"For now, Cover will remain available in the Play Store while we focus our attention on our work at Twitter. If that changes down the road, we’ll provide another update here."

Android Arena!



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