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All About Android
Episode 158

All About Android 158: Peak Flashing


Interview with Koush

  • How did you get started as an Android Developer?
  • Is it about being first in an app or best?
  • What has your experience been with Google as you've continued to develop and expand the capabilities of AllCast?
  • What's up with the Yachts?
  • Why have you've chosen to go it alone after being with the Cyanogen Inc team for so long?
  • Is ROM flashing waning?
  • Do you think Google is a good steward of Android as an open source project?
  • Why is removable storage on Android (ie SD cards) such a hot topic?
  • What is the responsibility of a developer to continually update an app that they've released?
  • What do you think Google needs to address in the next version of Android?
  • Does the "Google Experience" layer on top of Android create an unwinnable game for other companies who build their own Android experience?
  • What was the first thing you hacked together for Android?
  • What do you think about the possible merging of Chrome into Android?
  • Questions on G+



Amazon's smartphone is seeing more leaks to Boy Genius Report: Gesture controls that enable the user to tilt the device to display additional information differentiating the device and making it easier to operate with one hand. Some examples share with BGR:
Seeing behind icon labels revealing their function, tilting in a map shows Yelp ratings on the map, IMDb ratings appear in Amazon's video store, and product images might cycle through when looking at a product. Automatic OCR of pictures taken with the phone that include text in the image.
Sony Xperia Z2
On sale May 4
$499.99 16GB, $599.99 $32GB
Quad-core 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801
10.1" TFT display (1200x1920) (224ppi)
16GB internal storage
microSD (64GB)
8.1MP RFC, 2.2MP FFC
IP58 (dust/water resist)
Rumors of the demise of the Nexus program be damned! NEW rumors are pointing to plans that involve the introduction of a lower-priced entry into the Nexus clan. The entry level/mid range device would cost less than $100 unsubsidized and run a MediaTek processor.
Also, a Nexus 6 rumor keeps popping up. This time, those people familiar with the matter are saying to expect an LG device similar to the unreleased LG G3, with 2K screen resolution on a 5.5" panel, in house LG-made processors which would mean the bypassing of Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors, and a release of October/November as has happened the past few years.





New Google app in the Play Store: Google Camera! Now with Lens Blur and a completely redesigned UI.
New Hangouts brings the merging of Hangout chats and SMS threads into one combined entry. Also, a new widget plus a few other changes.
APK teardown reveals more Voice integration work, including (likely) a smart reply option that might always reply via the service that the received message came in on. Also, a backup option for SMS/MMS, and Pano functionality which confuses, but there you go.
A few other Google app releases last week: Chrome Remote Desktop now for Android that taps into the Chrome extension for remote access using an Android device.
YouTube app now allows for Chromecasting of live content and removes pre-loading capabilities.
A heads up for anybody who may have purchased Virus Shield, the app we discussed on last week's show that literally did absolutely nothing for $3.99. Google is issuing full refunds and $5 Play Store credit.

Android Arena!



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