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All About Android
Episode 159

All About Android 159: Unsharpen Your Pitchforks



That rumor we spoke about a few weeks back just got corroborated by four new sources to The Information, who's staff consists of former Wall Street Journalists so take from that what you will. This sounds more and more legit:
Android Silver is likely to replace the Nexus brand of phones, with the following:
High end devices
Little to no OEM/carrier customization on devices.
Devices could be made specifically for Silver or be versions of existing devices tailored for the program
Timely update guarantee
Google will market promotion of the handsets
What of the supposed low cost Nexus device rumors?
What about developer-friendly stuff like unlocked bootloader?
HTC has long been seen as a manufacturer that designs beautiful handsets. What happens, then, when HTC's head of design Scott Croyle, the person responsible for the design of the HTC One's line, announces he is leaving the company? HTC describes the move as a long term transition keeping him involved with product development for at least a few more months.
Croyle isn't the only one leaving HTC. HTC's Senior Director Ford Davidson and others are also transitioning out of the company over the coming months.



I am a bit behind on the episodes but I have a question that I hope hasn't been asked yet. What apps to you still use that were in the arena? I know you all download apps but delete after a week or two. What are the ones that you found that are still around for the long term?

Lorri from NC



Samsung has announced the Galaxy K zoom which likely won't see a US release. But it's notable for what it brings:
retractable 10x zoom lens
20.7MP sensor
4.8" 720p Super AMOLED display
Hexacore design with 2x1.7GHz cores and 4x1.3GHz
Running Android 4.4.
It's a pretty nice camera that also makes calls. The camera features a suite of tailored features and apps. Also, Selfie Alarm. You set a spot on the screen where you want your face to appear. Then when you turn your camera around to take a self, the K will beep when you are framed as you wanted and take up to 3 pictures.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet mini review


Glass News


Field Trip is now voice-integrated into Google Glass. Now, Glass wearers can say "Explore Nearby" and Field Trip will show interesting facts about the world that surrounds them. Field Trip is developed by Niantic Labs which is actually owned by Google, though operated independently. Available today!
Also, Google announced upcoming changes to Glass: Photo and video backup now available with any internet connection, not just powered wifi. Also, smarter phone answering that will know if Glass is on your face when a call comes through and route it accordingly.



Samsung is well known for having its own apps and services to compete with Google's on their devices. The question always remains: "Yes, choice is good… but are people using Samsung's apps?" A new study from Strategy Analytics shows that the US users of S3/S4 tracked during last month reported on average around 7 minutes of total usage of an array of Samsung apps, versus an average of 149 minutes on just Play Store, YouTube, and Search.
LastPass updated their Android app to include fingerprint authentication support to the Galaxy S5.

Android Arena!



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