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All About Android
Episode 16

All About Android 16: Battery Savings: Your Mileage May Vary




Have you heard about "free" games which try to trick your kids into using in app purchasing to continue to play the game. Check out "Bug Village" which is unfortunately one of the "Featured" on the Android Market right now.

My understanding is "Bug Village" times out and forces you to wait 15 minutes before you can continue building your colony, unless you pony up some money buy virtual ""coins"" which allow you to continue the game sooner. My 5 year old son, who can't quite read yet, was prompted by this game to purchase ""coins"" this afternoon. Of course he just wanted to click buttons until his game continued, and he ended up purchasing 10 coins for $2.99, and there is no refund period for in app purchases!

Apparently I am lucky, as some searching revealed that one 5 year old racked up $450 of in app "coin" purchases on this game in about 10 minutes!!!

It appears that neither the "in app" nor the market purchase processes allow you the option to require password verification before completing purchases. This is a horrible oversight by Google that needs to be addressed right away. Anything you can do to help bring this problem to their attention would be appreciated.

Brian Hanifin

  • Some commenters in Android Market concur:

"Nice game, but be advised, young children can easily make in-app purchases. My 3 yr old unknowingly bought $20 worth of acorns thru my Google acct." Richard

"Game is ok. But my 7year old made a purchase accidently.of $65. I still want my money back. Dont get this game." Richie



Jason's little comment about old man eyes reminded me to write in to you guys about a problem android has had for the longest time: why is there no system wide font size setting?! There are plenty of people complaining about this on android's help page, yet Google has done nothing! Even a setting that only controls the font size of of system menus would be better than nothing, since most apps have built in font size settings now. So, is there a app that does that? Or are there ROMs that has this feature? And since I'm switching phones soon, should I just get the biggest screen with the lowest resolution phone I can find (Infuse)? I do plan to root if that helps.

As many suggestions as possible would be great.


Sam in Canada

"I have definitely seen this type of customization on various ROMs.

This app is for root users and allows you to change the font, the size of the font, AND the screen density to make everything larger if you wish."



My Android phone is our family's primary phone --- we dumped our landline over a year ago. Looking at my phone records, 90% of the incoming calls are from toll-free numbers, and there are a lot. Do you guys know of a good, inexpensive app that will let me dump calls from these telemarketers based on a wildcarded phone number match? I've searched a lot without much success.

Thanks! You guys are awesome, and I love the show. Long live TWiT!


Android Arena!


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