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All About Android
Episode 160

All About Android 160: Away From Google


  • Noble Ackerson, Lab Rat, Founder at Byte an Atom Research
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We've held back from talking about the latest Apple Samsung patent case all month and now that the verdict has been reached, we might as well talk about it a little. The verdict: Samsung was ordered to pay Apple around $125 million (down from 2.2 billion) in damages, related to two patents: Data tapping (ie things like making a call from within an email) and Auto-complete. Apple to pay Samsung around $158,000. So while it's a courtroom victory for Apple, it's not the monster ruling they were hoping for.
Important to note that this trial focused on software, and much of the software in question could be attributed more to Google's Android than specifically to Samsung's touches. Things like auto-correcting misspellings as a user types, and recognizing phone numbers in a block of text to make it actionable.
It was reported late last month that Google is in fact on the hook to help Samsung pay the damages, a legal agreement they made prior to the trial. And Google even testified for Samsung regarding the patent on Universal Search. So: Will Samsung ever target Google directly?
In other courtroom news, a class-action lawsuit brought by two consumers and group of handset makers charges that Google is being anticompetitive with its MADA (Mobile Application Distribution Agreement) that handset makers must adhere to in order to include Google's suite of apps and services in their Android device. The suit seeks injunction against Google and monetary damages.
The terms of the agreement included (as of a document from 2011 that was revealed in the Samsung/Apple case):
Those wanting to install one Google app must install all of them on the device.
Google search is set as the default, with specific info as to where the search box should appear.
Part of the terms stipulate that Google will legally indemnify device makers for the use of their apps (as we discussed in the Samsung vs Apple case)
Google said in a statement to Re/code "Anyone can use Android without Google and anyone can use Google without Android" referring, of course, to the AOSP version of Android that anyone can install and use if the MADA doesn't work for their purposes.


Why does everyone pick on the rear camera on tablets. I use mine a lot, but not for snapshots. I use mine to ""scan"" documents to convert to PDF or in some cases OCR of text on paper. I also use it for snapping notes on whiteboards or other people's paper notes to add to Evernote or Google Keep. One other occasional use is when doing a video call, I sometimes flip the camera to the rear camera to show the other end something they need to see (like the view of the beach while I'm working :-D ). Once in a while I fire up Google Googles to snap a barcode or QR code (useful for adding two factor authentication to Google Authenticator) for some reason. Using SmartTools I can use the camera as a ""magnifying lens"" which is awesome on a 10"" screen. When I was deciding between getting a Nexus 7 (original model) and a Nexus 10, the back camera was one deciding factor for myself that weighed heavily in the decision of going with the Nexus 10.

That said, yes those folks that hold up their tablets to snap a photo opp of Obama passing by look ridiculous! ;-)

Shawn Dreelin


Boy Genius Report continues its endless stream of Amazon Phone leaks. This time, we get a front and back render of the device, this time without the case that was covering the device the last time we caught a glimpse. Rumored release is late spring/early summer.
Motorola has a new phone they say is "made to last and priced for all" to launch at a London event on May 13th, next Tuesday. Could be the successor to the Moto G, possibly a version that runs LTE, possibly even less expensive. OR it could be the next Moto X. MotoMaker posted a page with the next Moto X, and its called Moto X+1. Or we could see multiple devices at the event.
LG also revealed a week ago that the LG G3 would get unveiled at an announcement event on May 27. And we have leaked pics that show off the new design. Some leaked specs indicate:
5.5" QHD display
16GB/2GB RAM and 32GB/3GB RAM versions
3000mAh battery
OIS+ image stabilization that we saw on the LG G Pro 2
OnePLus One contacted the 100 winners of their Smash the Past contest that we discussed on last week's show. And in a nice turn of events, they added the option for winners to donate their device to the nonprofit team of Medic Mobile, which takes those phones and puts them in the hands of healthcare workers in remote areas of the world. Winners can still smash em if they choose.

Glass News

Google is supposedly testing ways for Glass wearers to send money via Google Wallet. And the XE17 update just rolled out, and basically its a bug fix update.What things need to be addressed for Glass to reach public acceptance?


A big Google Maps update is rolling out now:
Lane guidance tells you which lane you need to be in to make that turn
Save Map to use Offline when you are setting up your destination.
Better filters for finding businesses when you need them (ie what bar is still open?)
Uber app integration to compare transit and walking directions with Uber access in one click.
Easier access to saved locations
Google Search app got a big update too:
Remembers where you parked for you
Tells you when you are near a store that has in stock a product that you've searched for
Tracks what stores a mall has inside it (….ok.)
APK teardown reveals:
See friends photos where you are a near the location that it was taken
REAL TIMER integration (finally?)
More travel reservation info like multiple legs, boarding platform, reservation numbers, and more.
Music controls in Google Now
Google broke out individual apps for Docs and Sheet, outside of Drive. Slides is coming soon.

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