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All About Android
Episode 161

All About Android 161: The End of the Flip Phone?



Reminder to Google Voice users that rely on services and apps that turn that into true VOIP on mobile: It's going away in a few days. May 15 is the cut-off date for Google's XXMP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) that drives apps like GrooveIP and Talkatone's VOIP services.
Still hoping for a Hangout's version of this, but its possible we are waiting until IO to hear more about this.
A new release of Google Play Services started rolling out this week - you know, the system that helps apps connect to Google services - and we've got 2 changelogs. The official changelog from Google says with the new Play Services developers now get access to Google Maps Street View and Indoor Maps, Activity Recognition (like whether the user is walking, biking, or driving), and updates to Games Services, Mobile Ads, Wallet.
The unofficial changelog comes from Android Police, who gave the new Play Services their famous APK teardown treatment - and there's a lot there, 4MB more. Since I/O is coming up next month, Google is pre-seeding a bunch of new functionality into this release. Android Police found new permissions (some which are Google Apps-specific), Android Wear support, a bunch of new SMS/Hangouts/Google Voice related code, Screen Mirroring via Chromecast, new Google Apps-specific permissions, and perhaps verrry interestingly, a firmware updater.
Looks like we're going to get all kinds of goodies at I/O.



Just my 2 cents on Google maps. I couldn't care less about the new lane change stuff. I really miss the *old* Navigation app! The maps app is terrible if you're trying to use it while driving! I guess it's fine if you're sitting somewhere *before* your trip, planning your route, but on the road, I hate it.

For example, say I get on the 101 in Los Angeles, and it's bumper to bumper traffic, in the old navigation app, you could easily hit an options button, tick ""Avoid Highways"" and it would reroute you to surface streets. Now in the latest version, you have to go back twice, hit the options button, tick ""Avoid Highways"", hit ""Done"", then hit ""start navigation"" again. Wayyyy too many steps!

I've also noticed the voice doesn't tell you the street names anymore. It will just say ""Turn right"", not ""Turn Right on Wilshire Blvd"".

Also, in the old Navigation app had a large, easy to find microphone button. I'd say my destination, confirm it, and I was on my way. Much easier than... clicking the search box, finding the tiny little microphone in the lower left corner of the keyboard, and *CRASH* ... oops, just had a wreck! (kidding).

I'm sure you get my point. It's not very optimized for use while driving, and it's frankly more dangerous to use than the old Nav app. I really hope they can address these issues in future releases. Otherwise I'm going to have to find something else to use.

Love the show! Byron (in the traffic capital of the world, Los Angeles)



Moto E - Say goodbye to the flip phone:
$129 off contract
1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor
1GB of RAM
4.3-inch qHD (960x540) display (256ppi)
1980mAh battery
5MP rear facing camera
No front facing camera
4GB internal storage
MicroSD slot
Back plates can be customized
Also, Moto G with LTE for $218 off contract.
Starting to see reports of a few new devices leading up to Google IO. A changelog associated with the 4.4.3 update hitting AOSP mentions and HTC device codenamed "Flounder" which could be a new Nexus device (usually Nexus devices are codenamed after fish). Could be a tablet, but HTC hasn't made an Android tablet in years (Flyer and Jetstream).
Also, codename "Molly" which is also a fish, but could likely be a set top box of some kind, thanks to hints pointing at media codecs, a Marvel SoC, and the possible lack of a standard button layout.

Glass News


Once again Google is opening sales of Google Glass, and calling it a "more open beta." It's still $1500 and it's still the Explorer Edition, but if you're in the U.S., you can go to and pick up a pair. You'll also get a free set of Titanium Collection frames.



New update to Google Camera app brings the ability to take pictures while recording video. Although some people wish more for touch to focus over touch to take a picture...
PhoneArena did a blind test of the best pictures taken on the following devices: Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z1, Oppo Find 7a, iPhone 5s, Huawei Ascend P7, HTC One M8, and LG G2. Samsung Galaxy S5 came out ahead with 33% of the votes, with Xperia Z1, Oppo Find 7a, and iPhone 5s behind it in that order.



Hi best podcasting crew on the whole damn internet, its Marlon the ""GuyFromTrinidad"" here, and I want to make the case for AAA promoting more AAA (read that as triple A) games on the show. Recently we had two major games come over from iOS to Android - The Walking Dead (tell Ron its okay to promote his company's properties) and one of my favorite games on the PC, XCOM Enemy Unknown. Yesterday we also saw the launch on the NVIDIA Shield of two exclusive and beloved titles Half Life 2 and Portal. These  are all award winning games, look fantastic,  are not cheap, around $10 each and are not small, between 1 gb - 3gb. Its alsopushes the two major OSs closer together in terms of offerings and shortening the release times but for this trend to continue we have to promote these titles and purchase them. I know that anytime a major release happens on iOS its covered in iPad today so I just think that you may want to do the same for Android. Now these apps may be covered in Jason's new show that is still ""coming soon"" if that is the case I can't wait. 

Love the Show Marlon ""The Guy From Trinidad""

Android Arena!



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