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All About Android
Episode 163

All About Android 163: CyanogenMom Has Got It Going On



Google is planning to produce around 4000 new Project Tango tablets in June, according to sources who spilled the beans to the Wall Street Journal. Tablet would be 7", with two back cameras, infrared depth sensors and software that captures 3D imagery of objects that surround the user.
Possible uses for Project Tango: indoor navigation, step by step directions in stores, immersive videogames…
Google will give the tablets to a small pool of developers ahead of any consumer push.
Back at CES, Google and NVIDIA announced the Open Automotive Alliance, and a partnership with Honda, GM, Audi and Hyundai. Then we promptly heard nothing more about it. Now, a credible rumor source to Android Police has detailed the fruits of that partnership.
The project lacks an official name according to the source, but the interface has been recreated to showcase what its all about, with a focus on four modes: Navigation, Music, Calls, and Search. All voice activated, with minimal to no screen interaction required. Manufacturers would likely create their own version of this for their hardware, this would simply be Google's version out of the gate.
Potentially 3rd party services will be included as well, so apps like Spotify can exist inside it somehow.
iOS users who switch to Android have no doubt encountered some issues when it comes to messaging, thanks to an iMessage bug that is apparently finally getting patched. It stems from iMessage's behavior that senses if an iPhone is messaging another iPhone and if so, it's sent through Apple's servers and not SMS. When the user converts to Android, that detection is not reset, thereby continuing to attempt to send the message through iMessage and never reaching intended recipients.
Apple says the bug is only partially addressed and is working on a device-level fix.
Also, what the hell is up with pictures sent from iOS arriving as a slideshow video? Super annoying.



Hi all I'm so excited to have such a show as AAA. I watch it every week and learn something every time. Thank you so much. My question is with rooting my Nexus 5. I no how to unlock and root what I don't no is if I do it and then Google puts out a update like 4.4.3 witch is supposed to be a bug release do you have to unroot and re-lock the boot loader to update it or can I just update it without un-doing everything?

Thanks again U guys and gal rock.

Joey in Indianapolis.





In the most recent episode #162, a letter asked which location app to use to locate a family member with medical problems.

For location sharing in real time, all the time, nothing beats Life360.  It allows for private sharing among family and friends, allows digital fences for locations, has an alert system, and is a great location app, including history for up to 30 days.

My bold claim? Life360 is to location sharing what LastPass is to passwords. It's especially designed for disasters.  They even provide a call in number that you can call and give your location to alert family members if you are separated during something like a wildfire, tornado, or flood and don't have your smart phone with you.  They also have emergency alerting that will not only text your family, but actually call them with a recording and the address where you set off the alert.

They offer a $5/mo plan for extra features, and I swear by it.  Google+ sharing and Glympse are toys in comparison.


DeWayne Lehman

Hi Jason, Gina and Ron, Great show as always, I was listening to show 162 and Scott Mackenzie's question about his girlfriends mum who had a stroke, and I was thinking you were over thinking the solution for Scott.

My solution is a little more simple, using the login details for his Girlfriends Mum's Phone, just log into Android Device Manager on the web and it will locate the phone down to a few metres but this does depend on cell location, it wouldn't be as accurate in less metropolitan areas, but neither would check in's.

Keep up the good work, 

Derek, from Next to the Loch Ness Monster, Inverness, Scotland UK



A little Google Play news: First, the store FINALLY gets a true mobile web interface.
Second, mobile market researcher Distimo released new rankings that show that the recent expansion of gaming categories in Google Play actually resulted in a gaming revenue boost, thanks to an easier experience locating those games. Gaming revenue rose 15 percent in April. Google increased the gaming categories from 6 to 18 genres.
A study conducted by researchers at Purdue University found that user tracking accounts for most energy used by free apps on mobile devices, around 65-75% in fact. The remainder is what gets devoted to actually performing the apps core functions. This ultimately means that those free apps are depleting battery faster than apps that don't do things like download ads and track behavior, particularly over 3G. Angry Birds, for example, only dedicated 18% of its energy to actually playing the game.
The study says that apps like these deplete battery quickly, often thanks to a lack in efficiency when downloading and uploading via 3G/wifi and its GPS connection, along with running the app at a higher energy state when not needed. Researchers actually restructured some of these apps, reducing energy consumption by 20-65%.



Hi AAA team, I'd like to share an app for corporate users. There are many of us corporate android users who are stuck on an exchange email system. For years, I've been searching for a great exchange email app. The default android apps are decent, but they are not maintained and lack important features. Furthermore, I started having major problems with the app, like failing to send emails once I've clicked ""send"". I am an attorney, and that issue created a major headache for me several months ago, as you might imagine. 

I've finally found a great one. The app is called Nine - Exchange Activesync. It is a beautiful app that thus far has been flawless for me. It has many great features, like exchange category flags and conversations. One of my favorite features is a 1x1 unread email counter widget. You'd be surprised at how difficult it is to find that! Also, it has a tablet optimized interface, and works great on my Nexus 7 (2013). The developer is very responsive, and updates the app constantly, with new features added all the time. The app currently costs $9.99 via an in-app purchase, and it is worth every penny.

Note that there are many ""OWA"" apps out there (Outlook Web Access), but those apps are designed to access the outlook web interface, not the exchange activesync server, and therefore lack critical features like push mail.

There are other options, like Touchdown, K-9, and Moxier, but in my humble opinion, this one blows all others away. I have no connection to the app or developer, I am just very pleased to have found a solution after searching for so long. Please share for your corporate android users.

Thanks for the show!

Rob in Salt Lake City

Android Arena!



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